"Tomorrow becomes yesterday too quickly."

Last day of travelling

Still have a week left in Vietnam but tonight is our last day travelling to places and the last night staying in a nice hotel 😦

I was meant to do day by day post/update while I was in Japan, I was halfway through my first day post then I don’t remember but I got disturbed by something. The following days were very tiring, we either got home very late or did a whole day walking course so I didn’t really have the chance to blog properly. Then I just started slacking…
But I think I might try to rewind my memory and blog about each day with photos as much as I can :).

I’ve experienced so much within just a few weeks. Annoying, exciting, everything.
But at the moment I’m at this stage of confusion, ever since the night at the club. My first time and I could barely remember things. I didn’t feel anything close to hangover or throwing up and stuff but I was losing times ._. It’s not like last time that I just totally blacked out at one point, but this I still remember things but very vaguely, I remember events but not people, and found stuff on my phone that I can’t even explain or recall.

Back to blogging :)

Just a quick post really late at night to say that I will be back updating my blog frequently now (hopefully).

Will talk briefly about the HSC and school and uni as well.

Quite busy these days lazing around and shopping for Vietnam and Japan.

Flying this Saturday ^^

Will upload photos and stuff about the trips here cause I did last time I went back to Vietnam and it was so enjoyable to go back and read about it after I got back in Sydney.

I’m actually getting nervous for no reason… or maybe cause I feel like going to Vietnam before Japan now, since I’m missing my friends so much~

Oh and wanna talk about dramas too!

Gute nacht~~~


Nearly there.. I can’t wait! The week after the HSC will probably be the best week of this whole year! Gonna be busy shopping and planning for Japan and Vietnam :].

Anyway,,, Ich bin mude…
Gute nacht!


Photos lag – PreHSC

Won’t have the time to write much so just gonna post some photos 🙂




Graduation photos. There are other photos but I look so terrible in them so yeah haha.


The rose was pretty nice too 🙂 But I didn’t like the brown wrap so took it off in the end.



Junior Day! I looked way too silly in this hairstyle but this was the last time 😀


Received Medal of Distinction for coming first in ESL in mid-year :]. I wish they could give this out for final as well but 😐 pretty nice as a token of some (hard) work ._.



Send a mail request to Schalke and received these autograph cards :]. The first one took exactly 3 weeks but the second was just a little over 2 weeks, which is quite fast cause apparently other clubs take like months to respond :O.
Watched the derby game between Schalke and Dortmund a few days ago til very late at night and ended up seeing Kagawa in my dream lol. That was such a weird dream, he was speaking English, too.


Receipt for Asian Cup 2015. Will go to collect the tickets once they come out. They said September, then October, and when I emailed them a few days ago they said November. Well I hope I can get them after my HSC or otherwise after I come back from holidays.


Going to miss this girl. She’s going exchange in Austria next year. So excited for her though :]. Will definitely keep in touch, can’t wait to hear her talk about Europe haha! XD

Never really thought I was gonna miss this school but I guess that feeling is inevitable, 6 years there. I guess even though there were not-very-nice experiences that we all had, we will still miss the good ones. Even the way to school every morning, and the talks about new teachers lol.


Nothing really related to HSC but lol

Very late at night now but feel like making a quick post. This Saturday is my first official HSC speaking exam 🙂
Anywayssss, the players have apparently returned to Japan, I think yesterday. I was actually surprised cause thought they would be spending like at least 2 weeks before the game to train but there are like only 4-5 days left. But I guess it ain’t that important cause it’s just a friendly match.

They will be hosting a few friendly matches from now til the end of the year. The new coach was saying how this is like a test, the ones who pass will advance onto the Asian Cup. Man I wonder if he will call up more players for other matches in the future cause oh god he is leaving Uchida out 😦 and Kagawa. They are both recovering from injuries though.

The squad is like full of new and young players. Ain’t a bad thing I suppose, just glad that he still keeps Honda, Hasebe, Okazaki etc lol how can he leave out the key key players of the team 🙂

Oh and Kakitani was picked too, may have been because of his first goal at Basel. There is something about these guys with blond-bleached hair 😀
I don’t even know why I don’t really mind anymore if Uchida comes or not, cause I’m looking forward to seeing the other players just as much.

Kagawa ended up back in Dortmund, good for him. Hope to see him more :].

I really hope that the new coach can help them ><

Oh yes, man is a fool

And he thinks he’ll be okay, Dragging on, feet of clay,
Never knowing he’s astray,
Keep on going

Some people are just so full of themselves for some damn reasons ~.~


So sick of Japanese reading comprehension… Those answer in English questions make no sense, helping me reinforce my BS skills.

Sometimes I think I’m nothing but flaws sighhhhh it makes sense if the best doesn’t come.

Wish list

☆#2 日本代表ホー厶ユニフォーム

OMG this is just too much to bear. Started using Instagram again today just to stalk Kagawa but realised he doesn’t update much anyway. But then got drawn into looking at harshtags from other people #atsutouchida #内田篤人 man those photos were too overwhelming. So jealous of those people who got his books and jerseys T_T it’s so hard to wait until this November…
But yeah as long as I get it before the AFC Cup in January.

Plus after HSC reading his book might be able to help me maintain my Japanese 😀

For some reason, I never see Honda in any of the players’ blogs. Like, how often does he even hang out with his mates I wonder. Good thing is Ucchi hangs out with many of them (Kawashina, Maya, Hasebe) so I could find loads of his photos from others’ blogs XD. I don’t see Kagawa much either but his photos show that he does hang out with Nagatomo and others. Just Honda he doesn’t update his blog often too, if not at all. Maybe too busy with family and/or been doing intensive trainings.

1-7 today sigh… So the rest of the gone home nations aren’t alone at all. And I thought the SBS app was laggy when I woke up this morning, seeing 0-5….
It’s a wild world after all, looks like a fixed match. Who could have seen it coming? Brazil will have to mourn over this for a long time. A long long time. But I hope the players will be able to get over this asap, I still remember that morning watching the match on the train and Japan lost to Colombia 1-4. I thought that was hard. I don’t know what it’s like in other countries but watching their interviews right after the match and even the ones days after the match, could still feel how hard it was. Carrying the whole nation’s hope and expectation.

Somehow the WC feels like the HSC haha 😀 once in a longgggg time, and you spend years practising, training, yet it comes and goes in a wink. And you have to play knowing that you have to meet other people’s expectations.
And when you’re already in the pitch you have to keep playing til the end, even if the first half doesn’t go so well, you have to manage to keep up your mentality to carry on.
(but yeah unless you got sent back to the bench lol)


Realised I was meant to talk about my plans in the previous post but it ended up too long so I forgot. But it’s good to write a new post now cause I already pretty much have the dates fixed.

Finish my last HSC exam which is 3U Maths on the 28th and 11 days later will start my 2-week trip to Japan with brothers and sister. Then will fly back to Vietnam and stay for 2 weeks. Will be back in Sydney by the 2nd week of December. Then will probably start Christmas decorating and all that.
In January will be going to watch the AFC Asian Cup cause Australia is hosting and it doesn’t happen very often. Also very looking forward to seeing the Japan team with my favourite player Atsuto Uchida (well even if he doesn’t come there are still Hasebe, Honda and the list goes on..not really :D).

Gonna mail to Germany to request for Ucchi signed autograph card soon hehe XD

My saving was just enough to pay off the air fare and will be on superb saving mode from now til the trip. I’m aiming for another 500$-600$ or so for the 14-day JR Pass.

Anyway, trials are coming very close, I haven’t done a thing but glad that I’ve found my motivation xD

Running out of batts! Nighty night!


I know it’s been so long but just feel like blogging now because of all the overwhelming thoughts inside me.

Ever since the last post, which I’m not even sure when it was but I remember talking about getting better. And I really did. I didn’t learn anything so extraordinary but thinga have been going fine. I can’t ask for more you know, this is just enough.

I just don’t hate this year so much anymore, I became more accepting lol what a word. But I realised taking it step by step can lead me far so why not. この学期、あって言う間に終わっちゃった(笑)

I found new interests that may be able to help motivate me in the next 3-4 months. I know all of my celebrity crushes they come and go in a blink, I sometimes think of myself being that kind of impulsive person who would throw away old things for new ones and eventually crawling back (to the old ones), which Idk maybe I actually am. I was so crazy about Wallace and Hu Ge just back a month ago and look at me now, seeing their photos on Facebook doesn’t even move me an inch. Just because I’m into something else. I hope I don’t treat real people like that. My social circle right now is not big anyway so I never really think about such thing, most of the time I’m the too-sincere one anyway. At least I feel that way.

Anyway, I don’t even wanna go into details about my life recently because it’s so dull that it would take hours to draw something interesting out of it. It’s just the same everyday, I would of hated this life back then but Idk why, I don’t mind anymore. I enjoy being alone so much (except walking in my uniform alone). This is gonna be confusing, but I just somehow don’t think bout what I think anymore. And no I’m not crazy.

One thing that was so out of line was how I spent so much time on Japanese and started to neglect Maths. Maths, I am truly sorry, I know there are a lot of contents to go through with you and only by practising that I could truly understand you. I managed the 2U exam but pretty much screwed the 3U. Also winged Bio. I know it sounds bad but Bio used to be my best subject and ever since Mr Hitchings left it just became something else to me, something so foreign that could no longer enter my brain naturally through interest. Now it’s one of my 2 worst subjects.
Anyway, got only 2U, 3U Jap and English back this term. 3U Jap was okay, I came equal first in speaking with this girl and second in writing but the film analysis pulled me down a lot so came third, and yes I am forever number 3. But really satisfied since my hard work and dedication paid off, I couldn’t imagine where I would of ended up in that test if I didn’t try hard. Every now and again I would look back and be proud, not because I have mastered this language but because I still can see myself last year, end of year 11, begging my teacher to let me try out 3U (knowing that she thinks of me as a bottom girl and even now she would sometimes refer to back then how much I’ve changed, and no I did not change, the only thing I changed was her perception towards me, I freaking stepped on her prejudice and live til today). Maybe I can save this talk for after HSC lol.

Came first in the 2U Jap exam, I can say I’m very happy, I know I would feel very happy. But since I lost that feeling a long time ago haha, I just simply cannot feel happy without someone to feel happy for me. I never said a word about this to family, I wouldn’t anyway. So what I sit down and tell them how they should be proud of their little daughter improving? Improving is not even in their vocab. Whatever I do, my whole term whole year effort in the end will just be a number for them to look at. Instead of feeling YAY top mark, what I truly felt that moment was Thank God, I didn’t screw up. I have always been this way. I don’t mind telling other people my marks but I know as well not to speak loud of it. I came first, I know not to mention about this mark the second time.
I’ve come to accept it anymore, the story of my life lol. I’m already glad that I could feel totally at ease and relaxed that day because I got that mark. If I got a bad one, it sure would of haunted me for a long time.

English was good too (maybe top too) but again I have no feelings.


Enough talk about school, in other words, enough talk about my life.
It’s World Cup season so let’s talk about soccer. No I don’t know soccer that well because I only used to watch it when I was little, stopped until now. But it must be one of the easiest sports to watch and catch up.

The first match I watched was JPN vs Ivory. It was a nice Sunday (or Saturday?), late morning, I loved how the match started at 11AM, perfect for a sleep-in head like me. It was the first match I watched after such a long long time and instantly liked the feeling. How I looked at each player and decided if he was good-looking enough for me to want to remember his name. But nevertheless I remembered Honda, a bleached-blond Japanese lol, whoc scored an impressive first goal in the game.

It’s a shame, their performance this year. I don’t know much but I felt they could have done a lot better. It felt like they had it in them, but they lack little portions to everything and those added up. Seeing the whole team so down, watching their interviews with their eyes all teary and the way they talk, been making me sad for the past week, especially Ucchi. He is still so young and I hope he ain’t really thinking of quitting, I hope it was just his impulsive thinking due to the disappointment. Having liked Ucchi, I still have to admit Honda is totally admirable. I like his guts, I like his confidence. I like how he gives it all what he’s got and how he’s already aiming for the Russia WC. It’s hard, but they have to move on. Honda is like one of the very few players in the team that are capable. His English isn’t the best, strictly speaking isn’t what I would call good, but the way he speaks in interviews is just…idk. His vocab is limited, but one could feel the sincerity of his speech, or else he couldn’t have conveyed the message across. He feels like a typical Osaka-jin that truly loves soccer 🙂

About Ucchi, I don’t know, maybe it is like what my friend said, his position itself just doesn’t stand out as much as forwards like Honda and Kagawa.

Anyway, I wonder what the team will turn out to be by the end of this year. It is understandable, all the efforts put into these 4 years. But again, they have to move on and do something about their weak points. I hope it won’t take too long to heal physically and mentally. Because I will be paying soon for the tickets to see them play in January at the AFC Asian Cup, yesh held in Australia! This is just such good timing. Like one of the few things that made me so excited lately. Even though they won the last cup, it was 2011, story of the past. It’s different every now and again (look at Spain), but I do expect and HOPE and HOPE that I will be seeing them in the grand final. They got eliminated in the group stage in 2006 too and screwed the Asian Cup 2007 (but got to knock-out in 2010 and won the cup in 2011) so I’m afraid of that pattern…

I want to see their first match because might not be able to see them in those quarter and semi in Sydney, but it’s all the way in Newcastle. Planned to go cause thought the match would be at 4PM so I could probably catch train and be home at around 10-11PM but then now it’s 6PM so would be very late and it’s so far…

Haaa but anyway that’s a long long time later, it’s group stage match so probably will be able to.even get some last minute ticket in December.


Zac went back today but I wonder why only Ucchi and Hasebe went to see him off. Are the others not meant to? I didn’t feel like liking him from the beginning (and plus after JPN losing so badly) but now seeing him resign and leave the team it’s kinda sad. Someone on Twitter said Honda should of come to see him off cause he owes Zac big time.

One thing, Hasebe’s taste isn’t that bad at all Idk why some said things (lol fell of my chair laughing at photo of his “The End of Love” shirt :)))). In fact Ucchi looks like he needs some improvement, or he can just better off wear tracksuits like he always does, but man not those lengthy pieces of fabrics.


No matter what you wear, you look best in your uniform, Ucchi! ❤ (and I'm not just saying)

Someone please stop spreading rumours that Ucchi is getting married, unless it comes from his mouth it is frustrating and making his female fans restless.

Also, why does everyone have to resign just because the team lost!? Losing is inevitable in games and why should one person take all the responsibility? Or is it just culture? Or is it a soccer thing that I don’t know? Hasebe seems to be good enough to be the captain, he doesn’t have to step down…URGHH!

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