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Post mid yearlies 2014

Last day of mid yearlies today, did very bad but yeah… This time of the year again where I can’t face my books and become so sick of my study notes.

My primary school friends are having a reunion thingo tomorrow. Wish that I was there to attend. Found so many of them through Facebook but only talking to this guy in particular cause he messaged on Facebook. Not interested at all but I feel like I’m using him to fill up that empty gap, which he actually cannot anyway lol. 

Have so many things I want to buy. Recently  got back to NCIS and love it like back in the old days. Gonna save to buy season dvd set. 

Met Julia today and did 3 hours of k, then went to Starbucks for her to get a drink and we talked for a good hour or so, about so many things. Not that anything is bothering me so much now, cause I feel like I’ve turned somehow so numb and just wouldn’t care about anything or anyone but myself. Or manybe this is just the beauty of being alone 🙂



LINKIN PARK’s Numb describes it best right now. Been listening to a lot of Linkin Park, Eminem and Blue’s fast songs.

Yes I’m still not dead still healthy and alive even though my sleep pattern’s been pretty much disrupted lately. Would wake up at 5-6AM in the morning for no reason, once even at 3 or 4ish I think. And the other night I couldn’t sleep til 4AM in the morning.

Might not go to karaoke again if not with Julia and Taekwondo mates cause I really wanna do something different, especially getting some fresh air. Might ask Wenxing to go to the Maritime Museum again (this time the patrol vessel has to be there!) or catch ferry to manly or somewhere. Wanna go fishing but I don’t fish and usually only hang around in a small group of girls so we never think of that activity. Wish that our family could spend a long weekend getaway together or something, just to get out of this place it sucks. Dunno why everytime I have study to do or I’m busy, family and everyone else is free and have fun, and once I get free time everyone just seems to be having fun with their beautiful busy life.

Haaaa…miss the navy ships and the Fleet Review so much..
Wanna go to look at new things like exhibitions or museum or aquarium etc. If pets were allowed I would take Mango everywhere with me, been spending more time with my dog than with humans.

Times like this when I just wish I could sit with someone without having to explain so much, being physically there simply means more than a thousand words.

I wonder how sad it is when I can’t even cry it off, obviously don’t need a shoulder.

Don’t feel like there’s anyone who could help, they’re all so physically distant, guess being technologically connected isn’t that much of happiness. I think I need some fresh air and space, some greens and nature. Could totally spend hours blank staring at the air if I were out there right now.

Finally time to blog

This week felt so long yet so quick, finished 5 exams in 4 days, no they did not go all well but I’m glad I coped somehow. To think about it, maybe not having internet for 2 weeks wasn’t all that bad :).

Still have Maths 3U and Jap speaking next week but one Monday the other Friday so pretty spaced out. I’ve been relaxing my brain all afternoon/evening, no rush, watched NCIS, walked my dog, watched youtube on the NCIS cast. For a second I felt my life was so balanced. But can’t wait for next week’s exams to finish and Ima go catch up with Jules, do a bit of shopping and glocery maybe cook or bake. Bring friends over for movies or something, Tony just bought a PS4.

Right before exam this week had some confict with bro and all that but we all good now. Thought that I would screw the whole week.

Can’t say the results will definitely be good but this is it, all done, I tried, this time very close to my best, maybe just a bit too late. But having done so many exams, realised that just getting through the week is already so awesome. Not that I don’t care about the results, but I used to do that too much, hurt my brain.

Taking a bath after a long week feels good…

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