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Australian Business Week


So as you may already know, at our school we were having this program running for the entire week with some boys from our brother school. Some of them came over and some of our girls came over to their school for it. To be honest, I hated it from the beginning, especially the first two days. The guys just wouldn’t talk much and plus we didn’t even get the tihs. Corporate games were fun cause I strongly preferred it wqover the boring computer simulation. I actually didn’t even get to do it cause everytime.we had to make a decision those guys just walked off with their laptop and decided everything. I couldn’t care though, don’t mind since I’m not doing any business subject for HSC.

But the last two days were the turning points. We were nowhere the day before but on Thursday we made a lot of processes and everyone was working well. I never kept anything to heart cause didn’t take it as a competition even. Now even after we finished the program already, I still don’t get it but whatever. Out of 21 groups, we won Best Commercial and Best Oral Presentation :>. I bet everyone in our group was surprised cause we never expected it to come as we came last for the computer simulation lol. Now glad that I had to do the speaking with the guys this morning cause holding the certificate I know at least I contributed something to it, even just a mini tiny little bit. It was a new experience; I was never born for orals yet this time it was less nerve racking. Might have been because of the environment, I felt that people were taking it pretty lightly and I didn’t know the guys in other groups. You know I don’t get nervous around/in front of guys at my same age or younger -.- Most of all, I felt more confident because we were doing it as a group. I knew that these guys were capable.



Our canvases for trade display.


My bedroom model made in Year 7 lol. Spent sometime cleaning up and painting again cause never touched it for the entire 3 years.


These were made by a guy in our group. We were all amazed when he brought it in. Wondered how long it actually took him. He didn’t keep it at the end though I think. Such a waste =/ I wouldn’t manage to discard such things if I made them. Like the bedroom model. But I gave it to the TAS staff cause didn’t want to bring it home. Had enough use of it.


Anyway, all good. Special thank to Sahil – our CEO – for sacrificing his sleep the night before for our business report, commercial and speech. Also thanks to Jimmy and Jovan, our financial and operation managers; you guys did a great job in the presentation. You won’t read this though [Chuckle]. Thank you Jessica, Annie, Natalie, Vivian, Pranita, Neethu, Fifi and Michelle for the awesome work that you have come together to produce :]. Happy weekends!




Haven’t had any post in the last 15 days and that kinda made me feel guilty so here it is. Oh and I have also given up on the challenge (_ _”). I guess I was just very out of space ever since the Work Experience.


First up was my birthday which was two weeks ago on 9/11. After our intense Maths exams and all that weather, rain and hail, I managed to meet up with a guy friend cause we had been planning to meet up for Dymocks as soon as my and his HSC exams finished. Picked two books: We Need To Talk About Kevin and Body Language. Pretty awesome and I can’t wait to read them, but gonna contact them first, and some other books too cause I was lazy to get it all done before. Anyway, we headed to have froyo as promised as for his completion of Year 12 exams. LOL 6 years of hard work, fair enough. Went to Coles and Woolworths after to…pick sweet potatoes, for his house party with friends the next day. I think we just walked a lot that afternoon cause my legs were sore. Had fun though, cause I was home alone when I got home.


The week after was Work Experience and even now I really can’t spend all that time telling every little detail about it to anyone. That is why I was super glad that I had Shirley doing it with me, now we have our own little jokes that no one can understand. We worked at House With No Steps in Strathfield and if you don’t already know, it is a disability support group home, which means people with disabilities share a home together and we take care of them. Now talking about ‘take care’, it’s not just personal care, it is basically everything in their daily lives that we assist with. Doctor appointments, day programmes, budgets, meals, etc. All that. We signed a confidentiality contract sorta paper so I guess I shouldn’t say much about it. Just that I, and I’m sure Shirley too, we learned a lot. It is a very tough job and haha, tougher when you have to work with a ridiculous co-worker. “You’ve got to be a special soul to do this job.” – what a client’s sister told us. The last day was remarkable, talked about life aspects and humans with our manager, was so touched by everything she said. Oh and in the morning we bought a rose for our client ;], hoped it cheered her up out of the bad weather.



Made my lunch for work. Onigiri with tuna, korokke and some random egg slices 😛

This week was Week 7 of school and we didn’t do much, just got exam papers back. I got everything back except English. Got alright for Geography, IST and Commerce. So, the 3 subjects that I bascially did not study for due to my stupid crammed timetable. Maths was okay too, though I thought I could do better, a lot better. Science was disappointing but I got over that, that paper was pretty much like a troll. Worse paper I’ve ever got for Science. But again, can’t change anything now, I should get myself prepared for next year rather than looking back at this cause guess what? This year was totally outa my control. Japanese however, I was very happy with it since I spent a lot of time on it and it was all well paid off. Improved marks and Miss praised for my dedication. As for she didn’t put me on the recommendation list for this subject earlier this year, she probably took that back now cause ever since then I never thought of backing up. That probably was my biggest motivation to do good in this exam. When you know what you want and believe you can do it, you’re already half way there. Yeah? I have a guy friend from Taekwondo who was doing Extension for his HSC and he sent me some notes with very useful guidelines. Can’t tell him how thankful I am :].

So, as said, after exams Ima like a lost soul. Kept hanging out after school and I’m already broke. On Monday was meant to meet up with this old guy friend whom I hadn’t seen in person for almost 3 years but ended up waiting there for nearly 2 hours cause he was stuck at work unexpectedly and my phone ran out of battery. How dramatic is that. And he ran there after work to find me but I was already gone, only a short while before that. He called in the evening and suggested to meet again the next day and he came waiting outside my school. We went to Yogohouse cause I had no idea what else to do in Strathfield. Then took train to Burwood and stayed in the library to play games on my phone. He asked to go for movies in City and he would take me home but it would be way too late and of course I wouldn’t dare to ask Mum. I wished we could do something nicer cause who knows when is the next time we’re going to see each other again? But I did go to see a movie haha, with my siblings though, on Thursday night and got home pretty late. Watched Breaking Dawn 2. I was never a fan of Twilight Saga but was just curious of the ending. I reckon Breaking Dawn was the best part out of all. Characters and plot. My sister and I just found Robert’s beauty very hard to understand as for how some people think he’s so good looking. Not to offend his appearance but his acting is just…+.+ I thought the production team could have done better, in choosing the cast. At least be half as hot as Taylor.

Went to a friend’s house after school on Wednesday and they taught me me how to play this Naruto fighting game on Xbox. Pretty awesome but I needed more practice. It was amusing to see their little brothers play together lol.


After school on Thursday went to have dinner in a Korean restaurant nearby with some girls cause two of them were leaving for Hong Kong today. And this other girl changes school next year so I wanted to spend more time with her. We ordered seafood pancake, yakisoba, Korean rice cakes and some beef that Shirley ordered. We took turns to keep asking for refills of the potatoes dish XP. Don’t know what it’s called, very soft and sweet. Really yum.


Had Noggi froyo yesterday as another time out with the girl before her flight. Realised I’ve been having froyo a lot OMG…just because my school is in Strathfield -_-.

Australian Business Week next week. Gonna join with the boys from the same grade from our brother school for this program. I’m personally not interested in business stuff and wouldn’t go if it wasn’t compulsory. But reckon we might have some fun there with the boys. They’re gonna turn into ‘endangered species’ once they enter our school.

Christmas is coming – the atmosphere


Went to my local library to return a bunch of overdue DVDs yesterday with my girlfriend and found this. It has been put up for only 2 weeks and there are already so many wishes tags on it :]. My friend and I wrote our own wishes and hung them there, she accidentally got me in the photo lol.


It was the quietest day in the library I’ve ever had. I guess that was cause it was on Friday and high school students finished their yearlies already. Felt very good though, but realised they close at 6PM on Fridays.

30 Day Challenge – Day 20

20. Again, pick a song that projects the mood of your week or day.

This one will have to be ‘Not Afraid’ by Eminem. This week, or even the last, been listening to this song a lot cause of exams and stuff. It tells us to ‘break out this cage’ and live better. Really, Eminem’s songs just taught so much not give a tihs bout some certain things. “Don’t let them say you ain’t beautiful”

Night! 🙂


30 Day Challenge – Day 19

19. If you could be anywhere in the world but you had to be there for a cause, where would it be?

Seriously I have no idea.

Good night 😉


30 Day Challenge – Day 18

18. Talk about your extended family. Why do you think they are the way they are?

They are mostly in Vietnam and ummm there are many of them haha, in fact some relatives I don’t even understand how we’re connected cause the relationships are too broad. Dad’s and Mum’s families live in the same hometown so it’s very convenient for us to visit them all in the holidays (even though my both my grandparents on Dad side passed away). Used to have a lot of fun spending our summer holidays or New Year there; we would gather around, like not just within the family but relatives as well, and celebrate Viet traditional occassions. Lots of food :>

Everything has changed so much.though. It seems like there are more problems and conflicts between people and simply couldn’t have that nice atmosphere like we had before; maybe we kids are just all growing up to start realising adult’s issues.

Old people are mostly conservative; but helped me experience and understand many things about Viet tradition cause honestly I was never too concerned bout how people do things. There are always gossips going around the town cause it’s small and everyone knows each other. Everywhere we go, people would recognise us cause my Dad is that popular >;]. People have nicknames and haha they’re really funny; my Dad does too XP. Not telling youuuuuu! Being very casual to each other but at times have to watch our words cause everyone judges, they would pick on you and be sarcastic.

They are the way they are now because time has passed and things have changed. It was once a small simple place and now is influenced by development; everyone tries to catch up with of the world, a bit of a stir is understandable. I have been living long enough to see the differences; from back when we had a house built with wood until the very first time computers and Internet came into use.


30 Day Challenge – Day 17

LOL I was very close to not completing today’s challenge cause been having exams so couldn’t even remember a thing. So… Today’s question:

17. Who was the last person you kissed? What would they say if they saw you now?

Can’t say that I’m a mouth virgin but I can’t recall kissing anyone lately. Maybe not even in these few years. Don’t wanna go into this matter cause it’s very sensitive and I have only told a few close friends about it.

Good night 🙂


30 Day Challenge – Day 16

16. What are you passionate about?

Learning new things I guess? Especially with languages, I can be very lazy sometimes but I do develop a passion for languages, not just Japanese but Chinese and I’m interested in others like French and Italian (never went so far with this though). Haha and triggered my interest when Julia said she wanted to learn Spanish. Like I said in a post before, I find learning a language very rewarding and I’ve seen/experienced how even though two people do speak English, but say if one of them speaks another person’s background language, it gives a bond.

Anyway, talking about ‘language’ I don’t just mean verbal language, sign language is another thing I wanna get into. LOL actually I’m just very interested in knowing many things, craft and cooking, etc. Can I call that a passion?


30 Day Challenge – Day 15

The question is something like what do you believe in apart from God.

I would like to believe in anything if it could just pull me out of this state right now where I’m still nowhere for Science and having to do the freaking chores. Stayed up til 4AM last night already because I only had the stupid dishes done by 1.30. FML. Breathing is getting hard. Seriously, I don’t even wanna remember about the birthday anymore. STUFF IT!!!

30 Day Challenge – Day 14

14. When you are stressed, what can you use as an outlet? Do you think it helps?

Ahhh good question, I’m in my exam period right now -.- I used to listen to music a lot but lately it doesn’t help anymore. I would either lying in bed for a while hoping that I wouldn’t fall asleep or go out for a ride, the cool winds always help me relax. Talking to friends could help
too, but depends on who, some crack jokes which is good but some just make it worse. LOL one other thing that I find helpful is washing dishes, or just any other chores; may sound weird but it actually helps me to think in the case I cannot do any sports at the time.


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