"Tomorrow becomes yesterday too quickly."

Last day of travelling

Still have a week left in Vietnam but tonight is our last day travelling to places and the last night staying in a nice hotel 😦

I was meant to do day by day post/update while I was in Japan, I was halfway through my first day post then I don’t remember but I got disturbed by something. The following days were very tiring, we either got home very late or did a whole day walking course so I didn’t really have the chance to blog properly. Then I just started slacking…
But I think I might try to rewind my memory and blog about each day with photos as much as I can :).

I’ve experienced so much within just a few weeks. Annoying, exciting, everything.
But at the moment I’m at this stage of confusion, ever since the night at the club. My first time and I could barely remember things. I didn’t feel anything close to hangover or throwing up and stuff but I was losing times ._. It’s not like last time that I just totally blacked out at one point, but this I still remember things but very vaguely, I remember events but not people, and found stuff on my phone that I can’t even explain or recall.

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