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Library chaos – exam period

On my way home from library now. Today is cold and breezy なんか懐かしい、、
We were sitting upstairs in the corner, should of sat in quiet study area/room. I knew that to some people this place is like a social club, but didn’t expect it to turn out like this. It was nowhere like this when I first started coming to the library frequently. I always thought the kids were so noisy, only to realise today that even the Yr 11-12 are unbearably unbearble. They would just come sit and chat chat chat. These Yr12 from hb were behind us and they kept swearing talking and all that be cool tihs. Then two other girls from some school (fort st?) came, the girls were discussing bio at first then went buy chips, then since then they just kept talking non stop to the guys. They just have no sense of sensibility whatsoever. I don’t know how it is on other days but today was just bizarre, all that chatter chatter. Anyway, keep talking about it will just make me go mad.

Exams in 2 weeks, bio assessment next week. So much Maths and JAX homework omg -.- can’t start my exam revision just yet, gotta finish moving. This is why you don’t move during such time…
Reached already, blog later +.+

Psych why you so competitive

Been doing intense research on psych courses and unis, just couldn’t stop once I’ve started doing something.
Just came to the realisation that this decent-looking course is fairly easy to get into but to pursue postgraduate courses is something else. There are many pathways for undergrad but by the end of 3rd year they will all (well mostly) compete for the 4th year honours. I have already thought through it and decided that if I ever choose this area, I will pursue further to be a professional practitioner. Might be because my interests are too broad to just settle for counselling and hr sort of things.

I used to think that Year 12 should be the last year of all that competition but now, lol psych. I really didn’t think of spending another 3-4 years in uni competing against a bunch of kids not just academically (finally realised how much of an average student I am all this time haha, I am certainly not that academically bright at all compared to the population; I see myself having to work extremely hard to get into an average course), but also I guess coming to this point, it is really the how-much-you-love-this-course matter. Again I see myself getting into an uncertain pathway again, while others do a 3-4 year course, graduate and work, I sit my butt studying for another 2-3 years. That’s not the problem though, told myself. I am MORE THAN WILLING to spend 6 years (or more) on this career. But what’s caught me thinking now is that my position is not even guaranteed. Yes, I do like psych, interested. So are the rest of those other thousand kids out there, enrolled, up for the postgrad.

Still don’t know what I was born for, until now the only slightest hint that I’ve got is that I’m greatly interested in humans and the brain. I like helping people to solve their problems, interacting. But I also like the research, don’t know how much I do but it excites me to think that I might be contributing to the treatment/cure/prevention of those neuro diseases. So I wanted to be a doctor, but I can’t manage to calculate moles and gas volumes. Jordan was one of the people who inspired me, before I knew him I didn’t even have a slightest idea that engineering could relate to human minds and such. But I ain’t keen on physics either.


Been listening and chatting with these 3 friends of mine a lot past few days about their relationship stuff and started to feel overwhelmed cause I couldn’t get any work done..

It is hard to tell them what to do because who am I to judge? But I hope the girls know it better and not just settle for any guy that comes their way.


Just got my mid-yearlies draft timetable yesterday, looking alright except that Bio and Jap fall on the same day.

Dropped Chemistry finally because I cannot stand it anymore, apart from the pracs which I love, the theories bit is just too painful and I really don’t enjoy any of that anymore. Want to concentrate on Maths Bio and Jap for HSC.

Went for badminton with some friends on Saturday, initially hesitated but decided to go anyway for a good break from studies. I felt quite left out though cause I’m not as good as any of them :).

Dad is coming this Saturday like omg already so quick. We’re gonna go eat Jap food (been craving so much), and I can get my cross stitch kits hehe.

I have basically forgotten almost everything I wanted to talk about lol. Ain’t got much time so not gonna sit here trying to rewind my memories.
Been listening to a lot of Boyzone songs cause of Ronan Keating. Really love his When You Say Nothing At All, just love his Irish smile and accent :P. By the way Boyzone’s No Matter What, Everything I Own, Words and Father And Son are really good too. Where has all this beautiful boyband era gone? Feel so 懐かしい whenever I listen to their songs…

Also, still considering my uni preferences because don’t want to make bad decisions in the last minute. Realised there are many options for me, a good thing actually haha. Wanna get into Psych, it is a fairly ok course to get into but I suppose what’s hard about it is the coming years in uni, if pursuing this area I wanna do at least Masters and apparently it is very competitive for further studies… But will see how I go ^^

Tuesday 11/02/14

In the car on my way to new house right now so wanted to blog as much as I can.

School’s been pretty alright, not relaxing but not killing me either, maybe just about to. It’s just things at home that are really stressing me out, mum issues again. It’s funny how whenever I feel bad at school, I can find peace at home and vice versa, was feeling really upset this morning but once I got to school, was all laughing/happy again. Have come to realise that even though the girls might not be my closest friends, I will definitely miss this part of my life, going to school everyday and talking to them. I’m really really going to miss this year, even how much suffering school has/will cause because of studies.

Dad is coming over next Saturday! Really excited to see him and the stuff I’ve asked him to get me. Wanted to do cross stitching and found out that it is very cheap in Vietnam so asked him to bring over some kits 🙂 More than anything this is probably my most girly side, I like sewing and crafts.

Slept at like 11 last night but still felt so sleepy at school today, got dizzy after school and was really sleepy too. Took like 3 Neurofen pills but didn’t help much. Our English teacher’s been pushing us a lot, writing so many essays and I started to feel that I wrote so many that now no matter how much I write, I will never improve my standard. He’s been like this because only one person from last year got Band 6…

Friday 07/02/14 – Food craving

Started my Bio assignment today (for the first time in my life starting an assignment the day I got it), couldn’t start earlier cause sis’ friend came over in the afternoon/evening. Didn’t do much but I’m glad I’ve started. Gonna wake up at 8 tomorrow to continue, then do Maths and Jap in the afternoon, then English essay..omfg so loaded.
Was looking up to find the comic book I was talking about, but Japanese version because it’s cheap and good to read, but still very hard to find one with furigana (the reading for Chinese characters).
And was looking at radios, decided to go with the bigger radio, they’re all around 100$ but many types so still looking, taking up too much time.

Suddenly craving for Japanese food, and Korean and Thai. So much. . .
I have so many things to talk about but I don’t think I can write all of them out right now. I’m trying hard at school but feeling busted cause I didn’t do extra studies in the holidays (which I was so strongly intending to do before the holidays, yes I always failed).

I can’t wait to go back to Vietnam to enjoy the food, will probably go eat out everything cause food is quite cheap and just because I CAN. I can’t wait to follow up on my previous interests/hobbies that at some point because of school I could not complete or achieve. I just have too many. Too many things in this life that amaze me.




I really wanna go watch Winter’s Tale next Friday (was looking forward to it so much in the last month), but not sure if I should go cause maybe it’s better to stay home to study… Now I can’t even afford to waste even a single Friday afternoon. Saturday may be going badminton with Queenie but wondering if I will be moving so yeah… Also been wanting to buy a lot of things lately, even though I got some money thie CNY, I still want to save and economise as much as possible (for going overseas after HSC as well).
Really want to buy a digital radio, came to like listening so much ever since Tony brought his old radio from the car home. I want to be able to listen to digital stations as well, and my phone’s only got FM (anyway I still want to own a radio). I realised listening to radio on loudspeaker is much better than plugging earphones into my ears, especially while studying. Listening to news is good too. And practise for HSC listening exam. Still thinking if I should get a pocket-size radio or a big one. Was thinking of the pocket-size but probably won’t have enough time when I’m out to listen to it anyway (but on a second thought.. I will be spending a lot of time on the train in the next few months..) haaa but there is this really cool radio alarm that I can place it on my bedside table ❤

Also wanna buy this comic book called Soin Gyokusai Seyo (Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths) by Shigeru Mizuki, a really well-known mangaka in Japan (he's like 91 now). He is famous for his manga about yokai, I was watching this drama about his life based on his wife's novel. Nearly finished the drama, really enjoyed it so wanna blog/do review on it once I've finished and have the time to :). He also drew a lot of comic books about war, in which he personally experienced himself, hence they were greatly praised for their realism (at the time in Japan war manga and other mangas in general tended to be fantasy and heroic, one reason why his works weren't widely recognised for 10 years or so). I'm personally really interested in history (sometimes thinking back asking myself why I didn't do history), so definitely gonna have this one in my collection. There were some others that are sold on Amazon but they don't do international shipping for these… I wanted to get the Japanese version but since I still cannot read most of the kanji now, might just be an option for later.

I wrote so much already haha, feeling too excited and keen on this that's why. But getting sleepy and gotta play with Maths a bit then sleep.
Btw was watching his interviews on Youtube, one with eng sub on his view on yokai and the other one with his wife. I found his insights on yokai very interesting, could only understand some of the second one but really like the way he thinks and his relationship with his wife, will blog about this later (wow may even be able to do something on this in Japanese Ext, really hope so!)

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