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Orange Days: A Special Review for A Show That’s Forever Golden.

Orange Days: A Special Review for A Show That’s Forever Golden..

^ この 『オレンジ.ディズ』という ドラマはすごくよくてOSTのうたが大好きだ。手話をならいたい。



水曜日     雨

今晩は。電車でうちに帰っている。雨がふっているから、さむい。それにかさがない。 うちに着いてからすう学のしゅくだいをする。とてもつかれているよ。今週ちょっといそがしかった。



Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low…

Weekends Getaway !

Finished 7 exams this week finally… Wasn’t dying because I’ve been having regular sleeps this whole exam period, in fact even more than normal XD I hope the next few weeks are gonna be kind to me cause we probably are getting back the exam papers. Walked around the neighbourhood with my guy friend after the last exam, was pretty tired but had fun :].

Tomorrow morning gonna leave to Dubbo for camping and “zoo-ing” with my awesome family Next week will probably be a bit relaxing but I don’t know yet. However I won’t slack off. Our Taekwondo group maybe having a karaoke outing on either Saturday or Sunday but we will see.


Had late dinner with my Taekwondo homies heehee X] First time getting home so late at night (10.30PM). Ever since the camp, we grew much closer together (at least this is how I see it) and I love them to pieces now


One more girl but she couldn’t make it so 😦 Hope she can come next time cause it’d be heaps fun with her 😀 She recommended this restaurant (Tea+) but I didn’t really like it as it is not my taste and really expensive. But I reckon the drinks are pretty nice here :). We didn’t eat much though, cause so tired after training.

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