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My first all-nighter… Just don’t feel that sleepy for some reason even though I didn’t even take any nap yesterday.
Lying in bed looking at this Chinese costume drama called The Glamorous Imperial Concubine, starring Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo and this guy who I see all the time but cbb finding out his name.
Been watching quite a few Chinese dramas lately cause TVB’s got nothing except I’m following Swipe Tap Love, cause of my love for Raymond Wong and thought Priscilla is pretty cute too. But still this drama is still nowhere compared to Bottled Passion one that I was weeping over. Ok not exactly weep but it really touched me and (SPOILERS) I hated how he just died like that.

Anyway, all because I had nothing else to watch to decided to rewatch Mei Ren Xin Ji. It was still so good the 2-3rd time. Never could really imagine that Ruby and Sammul can create such good chemistry (what held them so strong was their trust for one another, my favourite scene is when he swears to trust her and to never ask her about anything, I mean how can you trust someone so much, actually happy because these people really existed in Chinese history). Ruby’s acting is too good. This time rewatching I actually got the chance to pay more attention to other characters, loved Yang Mi and Mickey He their love story, like it wasn’t too fast or too slow for me, reasonable. Maybe the misery made it even more notable. Also I came to realise/recognise more in depth of the characters (even just a little bit), Ruby’s sister and her love for her husband, you would tend to take it for granted until the end, she was at first using him to save herself but in the end became so bonded. The former emperor and his unrequited love for Ruby, it is quiet yet so strong, I mean if I didn’t like RubySam I would of rooted for him…
And this is exactly what happened in Glamorous IC, I’ve decided to stop watching after having finished only ep 7. Ruby stars in it, I know it’s good, good setting that I like, except that it’s 40-44 episodes in total and I’m so certain I won’t have the courage to stand the heartbreaks and watch the entire series.

I’m not sure if it is the reason but maybe I’m just very very biased, I watched one or two videos before I started watching to see the characters and what it was like; I instantly came to like the character Lian Cheng (ok he’s quite good-looking, nice costumes that I like but that’s about it). Still I started watching knowing that he is just the 2nd-3rd lead, he won’t end up with Ruby, that’s fine I will still give it a try, I thought. But after seeing all the nice beautiful scenes at the beginning I darenot continue anymore knowing it will be very heartbreaking. But not only until I googled and read about this character that I realised the actual complexity of this character, as well as others. Maybe it all just sounded so terrible and complicated to me because I am only up to that much of the series, but I’m somehow glad that I stopped. this is a link to the translation of the screenwriter’s note on the character.
I was actually in a long time patient enough to read every single word slowly of such a long passage. Because I couldn’t wait longer to know more about this character.

Now I’m so into period dramas than I ever already was before. Firstly because I like history, secondly because I found the historical people very interesting. Even though it is a lot of fantasy to be made a drama but I guess it does also give you insights about people, both past and present. Found the character of Lian Cheng explored so deeply, so naturally, somewhat like Frankenstein. How humans are born to love and everyone loves so differently. It is so miserable because in this drama everyone is so wounded inside, and one wound leads to another. Lian Cheng is taught to not to trust, he’s been wounded for a long time, he shuts himself off and living withdrawn in the dark. Just when he finds his light and he thinks he can be saved… Haaaa if all human beings could feel love, this world wouldn’t have turned into something like this. I don’t know what exactly that I want to and can do, but I wish I could heal all the wounded souls in this world. I know everyone has that inside them that needs a little bandage.

Somehow got into reading my old blog posts from a long time ago and they make me feel so 懐かしい and sad. How much I used to blog back then, all the little things sound a lot more interesting than they did to me before, compared to this lifeless life I’m having now, feeling rotten inside out.
How I could write about all the little tiny things in my days back then means that I was so alive, so into life, so absorbed, to have written so much about it. Now I can’t even put those things into words anymore.

Can’t sleep because I realised I put an extra egg in the flan today without knowing, I lost count of the eggs…

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