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Another schoolday has gone :). I’ve been sleeping a lot lately, not sure of why, maybe because of the pills I take. Seriously, those medicines just wouldn’t help me stop coughing.

This morning I was half asleep and my bro in law went into the room to get something and I opened my eyes (well, half opened) and thought he was my cousin, until I woke up realising he never came over. In the evening my sis’ friends came over so we went out for dinner together and it was actually quite fun listening to them talking :D.

One thing, I didn’t do any work today…

My cousins are coming over tomorrow so I really wanna hang out with them; will try to wake up very early tomorrow cause I’m disappointed in myself in everything these days.

My heart has already started counting down to the end of my holiday.. 2 weeks left. Don’t. Even. Wanna. Talk. About. It. We’re getting our reports the day after I come back. I’m feeling very restless already~

Have decided to say goodbye to Facebook next year cause I really wanna concentrate on work and there’s no need for me to go on it anyway; I can start doing it now but thinking next year is better timing. My Mum doesn’t like me holding phone a lot so I will limit my use and go back to the classic: emails. Or even writing letters, I would love to.

Browsed Facebook for 10 minutes before and saw things which didn’t really make me sad or happy, just really wanna say something to someone. This holiday in Vietnam (and the chat history with you I saved in my old phone in which I am using now) made me reflect back to the last one and the old me, I’m sorry for all of my stupid and childish acts which I bet you must had had to put up with everytime. We’re not in touch anymore, I even forgot how long I’ve known you for. I know you won’t read this, and I really miss you. A lot…

Haha feeling much better after writing it all out! 😀 I just these days get that feeling of missing someone all of the sudden. That’s why, it’s always good to consider twice before getting emotionally attached to someone. Or what? I have to learn to shut off my emotions. If it was a subject, I would fail.


How long haven’t I been blogging? – Updates on my holidays – Sickhead – School fear~


I didn’t blog for the entire 2 weeks (I think) and realised I gotta do it now.

2 weeks have passed, whole lots to talk about my holidays but I’m not going to just talk about it. So basically last Friday I went to my hometown and stayed there for 3 days, meant to stay there until this Sunday which is my sis’ wedding but even my Mum couldn’t stand the condition there; it was too hot and usually had electricity cut off (for the whole day!!), and there was nothing to do really. We just went around to visit relatives, that’s all. My other cousins were not back yet so I seriously didn’t want to stay there for the whole week! A lot of things have changed and so did people, and I don’t want to go into that.

Two things that I am looking forward to: my sister’s wedding and the trip to Singapore and Malaysia :D. But in the meanwhile, I’m trying to get some work done, since I’m not going out as much as before cause school has already started here last week for my friends and they have a lot to study (they’re in advanced/selective classes).

Had a (big) family dinner outing last week and met up with my close girl cousin, she’s 2 years younger than me but I can see that she’s already grown up! And I learned so many things from her, about my niece’s boyfriend passed away in an accident and she was sent to a boarding school. I wasn’t there but from what I heard it was very sad :(.

But apart from that, I learned that my cousins are playing with some ‘backstreet boys’ in my hometown and really, I know I shouldn’t judge but I don’t really trust those guys. They’re 18-19 and my cousins are even younger than me yet they act like obedient boyfriends, isn’t it a bit too unbelievable? They smoke, quit school ages ago and are working now. Ok, at least, at least if they were good people they wouldn’t have let/agreed/motivated my cousins to do things that adults considered as ‘naughty’. They played fireworks at the petrol station, and my cousin drove around (you don’t know how dangerous my road is now in my hometown, many people died from accidents recently).

I wasn’t in the same environment as them so maybe I don’t understand much, so didn’t really say anything cause didn’t want her to take it against me; we were close and I wanted to keep it that way. She told me about another cousin, that that one was really naughty and things; I was never close with her so I assumed it could be true. But when I met her she didn’t seem to be that kind of person, at all, and she told me things that were somehow different from what my close cousin had told me. All I could do was questioning myself which was the truth and who I should believe…

Get away from that, I’ve been sick for more than a week now. I’m much better now luckily, only coughing; was having fever for 4 nights in a row. -_- Thought I was going to die~ LOL nah, I don’t want to :P.

School. Has. Started. At. Last.
From today, I will be MISSING OUT CLASSES. =/ Gonna have to start catching up very soon on Civics and Maths work. I hope I will be alright cause right now I’m very nervous about school, maybe since Julia talked about it and watching my guy friend going for his HSC trials in 2 weeks. Seeing everyone around me doing work is just depressing as I’m being lazy, so I’m scared that I will die catching up work when I get back :(.

Yesterday I was going on Facebook (I’ve deactivated it for a while, only go on if I have something to do), and went to this Taekwondo guy friend’s and was looking at the photos from the Oceanic Championship that my Dojang mates attended a few weeks ago. Ok no way that he will read this so I don’t care :D. His photos made me admire him in a way yet feel ashamed of myself cause I’m a no-where-to-go person (_ _’). He knows what he wants to do and tries his best to achieve it no matter what! I always feel like he is so strong, maybe just because I know the story behind it… But I wish I know exactly what I want to do and where I belong, like him. He’s not a perfect dude, but has somewhere he belongs to perfectly. Like every of his photos, sweating, or with his bloody uniform after sparring… Made me feel something. When can I be brave like him? When can I be brave enough to strive for something I like?

I wanna do a tag post soon. :] Gotta go reply my girl friend’s email now :D. Talk again soon.



Living young and wild and free~

It was my bestie’s birthday today and went to her house to celebrate. It was hella fun, even though it was really simple and didn’t go out as planned. Had hotpot, then birthday cake :P. Haven’t had it for a really long time~!

The weather wasn’t really good so couldn’t go anywhere at the end; but stayed at her place and played game. Laughed a lot, it’s much easier for a Viet to laugh somehow haha! We’re actually ranked as the 2nd world’s most happy nation ;). So decided to go out on Thursday and I and my guy friend are cancelling the outing tomorrow, cause our parents may not let us go out a lot. I’m glad that everyone enjoyed the day. =))

Not everything went as planned but I was/am very positive about the situations, knowing that it’s already my luck to be here. XD Sorry I wanna swear now, so I am going to do that.

Seriously I don’t give a F*** about those stupid things in Sydney anymore~ Yes, I am saying it, I DON’T FREAKING CARE. All I know is that life is short and I gotta carpe diem! I am not bothered enough to draw those dramas/stories that you want in your life or have me as a part of them. No drama, not anymore. Get it?

I do what I want/feel comfortable with, that’s ME. It’s not easy for me to lie to people, nor to myself; so maybe you should consider doing the same. :] Take a minute and think about it, maybe you’re forcing yourself to think/believe a certain thing or stay at a certain point? If you’re doing what you ain’t enjoying and don’t feel comfortable with, there’s a chance that you’re being stupid and lying to yourself.

I’m living young and wild and free~ You wanna judge? F*** OFF.

Good night! 🙂


Update No. 20 – 4am atmosphere


I’m here at the studio right now and my sis’ being put on make-up. Woke up at 4-ish today to catch a taxi to this place, it’s 5:14am now. Today’s going to be a tiring and exhausted day for all of us; cause my sis’ going to different places to take wedding photos. I decided to come along as I got no plan for today and my Dad’s not there to drive me so yeah~ Basically if I didn’t come, I would just end up staying at home for the whole day. It’s funny how I used to think that when I went to Vietnam, my friends in Australia would be up way before I did but now, turned out that I woke up so early and not even that many of my friends would wake up at 8am over there. -.-

Can’t wait for tomorrow for the movie with my bestie and friends. I think there’s gonna be 4 of us: me, her, her boyfriend and my guy friend. There were meant to be 2 other girls but they were really unorganised so not sure if they’re coming too. Anyway, it’s going to be so FUN! 😛

I’m not very busy for now so missing Sydney from time to time… =/ Been on MSN chatting with my two girl friends, Queenie and Jessica, miss them a lot! ❤

Talk later~


City shopping – Hairdresser/spa :D

Hallo!! XD

I’m now at the shop with my sister to look at the Viet traditional dress (ao dai) for her wedding. Been out since very early, until now. And here we sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning so everyday feels a bit longer compared to in Australia. My first morning here I woke up at 5:30am; today at 6:30am. LOL never slept after 11 that’s why.

After posting my first post for today, we headed to the shopping centre to shop for shoes and things; bought my shoes to wear with the dress in the wedding, my first time wearing a little bit high-heeled shoes, hope that I won’t twist my ankles on the day. = = We had lunch there as well, the food was a bit expensive but very nice~

Then, went to the hairdresser/spa to relax~~ X] Had them wash my hair and massage, was really good! The staff were nice and friendly. Then my sis’ friend braided my hair, she made me look like a doll now haha!! 😛 She knows like, almost everything! At the wedding dress store, the manager or some lady asked my sis’ friend to do her hair cause she made my hair look really nice :).

Again, talking about the traffic, been having so many mini heart attacks when driving on the roads with the bike. -_- This reminds me of yesterday, we were crossing the road, vehicles would just keep going and wouldn’t stop for pedestrians, then my guy friend went to my left and let me stand in the middle cause I was so scared. ;] He was so nice~~ In fact, might even be nicer than some Asian guys over there in Australia. +.+

Still not sure of what to do tomorrow but I have options. Oh, and not going to see my guy friend playing soccer on Wednesday anymore cause he said it would be inconvenient for me, there will be only guys and the heat as well so I better just meet up with him in the afternoon/evening cause we’re going to movies with his friends. So considerate :).

It was raining today and it was super awesome! Not heavy rain so I and my sis’ girl friend didn’t put on the raincoat while my sis and Tony did. Hadn’t been in the rain like that for a long long time~ Felt so refreshing and nice~! XP

Ok, have a good night to friends from Australia! 😛


First days in Vietnam – Bookstore swag – Dodgy Internet

Ello!! =]]

At the store looking at wedding dresses with my sister right now and OMFG, I am blogging!! XD Been dying to do some update but there’s no Internet or computer at my house (_ _’); my Dad cut it off a long long time ago cause no one uses Internet at home. Was using my Dad’s phone to go on MSN but for some reason the WordPress Mobile Site just wouldn’t load.. -.- I think my phone is still somehow locked from Vodafone cause can’t use the Internet.. Anyway, I’m really glad that WordPress works with my sim in my Dad’s phone :P.

This shop has air conditioner so feeling pretty nice inside. And OMG when we walked in the staff all lined up and greeted us -.- So awkward, but felt good haha! =D Like you’re the boss! But well, making money is not easy.

LOL BUHAHAHAHA so weird sitting here looking at them lining up in 2 lines to greet the other customers XP. My sis’ girlfriend is doing my hair now LOL, she’s really nice and I still remember playing with her when I was little. Friends for life, she’s so helpful :). Ah, I got heaps of photos but think I will have to wait till I can go to my guy friend’s place; cause my bestie’s place’s got dodgy Internet too… -.- I would be going to his place today but my bestie can’t make it due to some club meeting at school and my parents don’t want me to go to his place alone JUST BECAUSE I’M A GIRL. =”= Man, his place is just next to my bestie’s. I really wanna get some study done together with them.

Yesterday went to my junior high school class reunion, they were playing some kind of geocaching but it wasn’t that fun really. -.- Cause I’m not really attached with them anymore, that was since Year 6 and now there are so many new faces I don’t know of. My guy friend didn’t wanna come but he went in cause we were meant to go to the bookstore after together; felt kinda awkward cause we decided to leave very soon. After that I, he and my bestie went to the bookstore together and had heaps of fun. Looked at books downstairs first then went upstairs to paint the statues (meant to be for kids LOL), painted Hello Kitty in Converse shoe HAHAHA!! 😛 Sat there for like an hour and talked about all sorts of stuff, they kept laughing at how I couldn’t get their slangs (_ _’). Had ice cream then walked down the street to have sweets. So nice~~

Heaps of food to eat but I really gotta slow down cause these two nights my tummy didn’t feel well. Planning to go with my sister to places to take wedding photos tomorrow, but not sure, cause that’s going to be hella exhausting. Going out with my bestie and friends on Tuesday cause it’s her birthday, going for hotpot then movies! We’re gonna watch some ghost/horror movie in 3D -_- I know Ima be really scared but really want to try it out :D.

Went to my bestie’s house yesterday and stayed for dinner. She’s got a really cute puppy OMG! >.< But really naughty cause it kept playing around and didn’t let me take a nap in the afternoon~ The doggie at my place is super cute too haha! 😛

The traffic and everything are like in chaos here everyday but it is real nice to experience the real Vietnam. You don’t find these things in Australia, even in Cabramatta. The shops are eccentric here. ;]

My guy friend is very nice and sweet as well. ❤ He texted in the morning to wake me up and keep me company/not bored when at home cause there’s no TV/Internet; our house now is like a camping site cause there’s only space but no furniture. +.+ Anyway, he’s coming to my bestie’s birthday outing too so it’s gonna be really fun and exciting! XD And I might be going to see him play soccer on Wednesday morning. Really wanna go jogging with him as well but we live kinda far away so wonder if by any chance it can happen. =/ He’s on good diet and goes to gym, very fit haha! X]

Think we’re going soon now to buy shoes, then to hairdresser and then hopefully to massaging.

Will definitely blog again. Got heaps to share so wanna blog constantly so I won’t forget stuff. :]

Have a good day~!


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