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Last day of travelling

Still have a week left in Vietnam but tonight is our last day travelling to places and the last night staying in a nice hotel 😦

I was meant to do day by day post/update while I was in Japan, I was halfway through my first day post then I don’t remember but I got disturbed by something. The following days were very tiring, we either got home very late or did a whole day walking course so I didn’t really have the chance to blog properly. Then I just started slacking…
But I think I might try to rewind my memory and blog about each day with photos as much as I can :).

I’ve experienced so much within just a few weeks. Annoying, exciting, everything.
But at the moment I’m at this stage of confusion, ever since the night at the club. My first time and I could barely remember things. I didn’t feel anything close to hangover or throwing up and stuff but I was losing times ._. It’s not like last time that I just totally blacked out at one point, but this I still remember things but very vaguely, I remember events but not people, and found stuff on my phone that I can’t even explain or recall.

Back to blogging :)

Just a quick post really late at night to say that I will be back updating my blog frequently now (hopefully).

Will talk briefly about the HSC and school and uni as well.

Quite busy these days lazing around and shopping for Vietnam and Japan.

Flying this Saturday ^^

Will upload photos and stuff about the trips here cause I did last time I went back to Vietnam and it was so enjoyable to go back and read about it after I got back in Sydney.

I’m actually getting nervous for no reason… or maybe cause I feel like going to Vietnam before Japan now, since I’m missing my friends so much~

Oh and wanna talk about dramas too!

Gute nacht~~~

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