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Long time no post heehee ^^

Summer holiday now already, what I would always look for months before and always end up wasting. Thanks to my stupid self.

I know it’s been a really really long time, so I don’t wanna bother rewinding dates and events and such anymore but if anything significant it must be the International Fleet Review. Went to see fireworks and navy ships’ open day :).

I neglected this blog so much that I even thought of giving up but after reading back to my posts about my Vietnam trip last year, I realised I’ve got to keep this thing going, at least something. I’m so glad that I wrote down things about last July, because now I remember, in details, what it was like in those 5 precious weeks.

My friends are having what they call in Viet a “traditinal camp”, so instead of having Year 12 formal like us here they have a two-day “camp” at school where students prepare everything themselves, like an American prom. They decorate the classes, they practise flash mobs, they operate food stalls etc. There will be a really big camp fire at night, tents will be pitched around the quad/playground for them to stay overnight, but I doubt if anyone would sleep that night :). I really should have gone back there this holiday if I knew, now it’s too late haha. In the end we only regret so much the chances we didn’t take. Same thing applies when I read the posts from last July, when I kept missing out this and that, just because I thought I would have another chance for it and the holiday ended up passing by so quickly.

At some point this year I was wanting to go to Japan after HSC so much that I was even planning on my budget and such but now, yes I still wanna go there but no than anything, really wanna go to Vietnam next time I get the chance! Dad will be coming here next February which means from there on we won’t be going back as much anymore.

I don’t know if once we have finished school we will still be good friends like now, I don’t know what will be coming our ways, I don’t know all that but at least the next chance I get, I’m gonna go back there and do whatever we planned to do before but held up. I don’t want anymore regrets.

This coming year is gonna be tough but gotta go through it to move onto 2015 anyway :), can’t run nowhere haha.

By the way, I was watching TVB’s A Change of Heart and there was this dialogue that I came to like and believe. Don’t remember it literally but it was something along the lines of “What do you look for in a person? Is it looks? But looks can change. Is it personality? A person can change too. It is mutual understanding between one another that you carry through all the hardships and maintain the relationship.”

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