"Tomorrow becomes yesterday too quickly."

Wish list

☆#2 日本代表ホー厶ユニフォーム

OMG this is just too much to bear. Started using Instagram again today just to stalk Kagawa but realised he doesn’t update much anyway. But then got drawn into looking at harshtags from other people #atsutouchida #内田篤人 man those photos were too overwhelming. So jealous of those people who got his books and jerseys T_T it’s so hard to wait until this November…
But yeah as long as I get it before the AFC Cup in January.

Plus after HSC reading his book might be able to help me maintain my Japanese 😀

For some reason, I never see Honda in any of the players’ blogs. Like, how often does he even hang out with his mates I wonder. Good thing is Ucchi hangs out with many of them (Kawashina, Maya, Hasebe) so I could find loads of his photos from others’ blogs XD. I don’t see Kagawa much either but his photos show that he does hang out with Nagatomo and others. Just Honda he doesn’t update his blog often too, if not at all. Maybe too busy with family and/or been doing intensive trainings.

1-7 today sigh… So the rest of the gone home nations aren’t alone at all. And I thought the SBS app was laggy when I woke up this morning, seeing 0-5….
It’s a wild world after all, looks like a fixed match. Who could have seen it coming? Brazil will have to mourn over this for a long time. A long long time. But I hope the players will be able to get over this asap, I still remember that morning watching the match on the train and Japan lost to Colombia 1-4. I thought that was hard. I don’t know what it’s like in other countries but watching their interviews right after the match and even the ones days after the match, could still feel how hard it was. Carrying the whole nation’s hope and expectation.

Somehow the WC feels like the HSC haha 😀 once in a longgggg time, and you spend years practising, training, yet it comes and goes in a wink. And you have to play knowing that you have to meet other people’s expectations.
And when you’re already in the pitch you have to keep playing til the end, even if the first half doesn’t go so well, you have to manage to keep up your mentality to carry on.
(but yeah unless you got sent back to the bench lol)


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