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Update No. 19 -Before the flight

Good morning~

Was blogging in the car on my way to the airport this early morning but felt very sick half way so didn’t do it. I’m in the airport food court right now, just had a bento box for breakfast and it was just alright, not that nice. Just feeling very weird and didn’t want to eat, but had to cause had to take medicines, been having headache and blocked nose lately.

Met up with this girl from my school at the airport cause she’s going to China today as well, she’s probably boarded already, her flight is much earlier than mine but I came early since my sister wanted to shop around. Went to her check in place and gave her a good bye hug. :] She’s so cute haha! XD

Feeling a bit scared for some reason~ Planning to go out with my bestie tomorrow but think I may not be able to make it since I’m not feeling well.

Going into customs now. Will post again hopefully when I’m at the gate. Or else have a good holiday and I shall see you all next term! Or 5 weeks later~ 😛



Update No. 18


Just a quick update before going to sleep, it’s pretty late already and I’m not gonna have enough sleep anyway so decided to blog. I’m not sure if I’d mentioned this before but tomorrow is my flight to Vietnam for a 5-week holiday! :]

Been busy packing the luggage this whole night and was quite stressed out cause I was really unorganised. My flight will take off at 10:15am tomorrow but we’re going to the airport quite early; gotta wake up at 5-ish. So only around less than 4 hours of sleep hahaha! XD

I was pretty excited for this but after packing up and keep thinking if I’ve forgotten something, feeling a bit empty inside now. I realised I’m gonna miss Australia a lot…

Good night and good day tomorrow~! :]


Weekends Overall~!! [24.06.12] – Say bye to exams – My new credits :D – Plans plans plans

Ello!!!!!!! XD

Haven’t written any post for a longgggg time!! Like a week already? 😛 Mainly was because of exams but after that I couldn’t manage to get on the computer so yeah~

Time flies…like a chicken (my friend told me this on Friday in Maths and thought it was very funny HAHA XP), I still remember the nights I stayed up til 12-1am to study for my exams and that was just …I don’t know, felt pretty hopeless I guess. Good thing was that most of my exams were at 12pm so didn’t need to go to school early, woke up at normal school time and studied. :] Did good in Commerce, but I think I screwed up English the next. And Science was easy actually, I just thought ’bout it in the complex ways so ended up realising 2-3 mistakes already? (_ _”) For Japanese, I don’t even wanna think or talk about it…

Anyway, last day for IST exam was unexpectedly relieving~ Went to school library early in the morning to study with my friends there and it was actually more efficient than studying by myself at home, since IST theories could never really get into my head. I freaked out at first cause didn’t quite get all the notes but eventually felt better as the time was closer, just chatted with my guy friend, joked around and had fun haha! 😛 And don’t really care or expect too much in IST so I was relaxed and I think I did not bad? I’m happy as long as I don’t get under 80%. Ah, and at the library my friend found this note in a book she randomly picked up, hella funny HAHAHA!! XD

“To get into the door locked & guarded, thou needs to pick the lock.Thy school records are inside. Thy only problem is thy headmistress. Oh what to do!
A new pay phone is being introduced to the school. COOL! That handsome young teacher is gorgeous! I am asking him to my social. I will do so in detention. I love him like a camel & at the moment am a fat sausage. Why!
My good £3.95 pen does not smudge! Fantastic.
I love sundreads. Lovely!”

Hadn’t have exams period like this since Year 6 so I was actually nervous. -.-‘ And through this time I realised 2 things:

  • Read through the textbooks many times rather than trying to memorise everything (you have to understand it to learn it).
  • It’s not the exams that are tiring, it’s just the period when you die studying for exams. I actually enjoyed the hours sitting in the hall doing the papers; felt like time passing so fast and I gotta seize every second of it.

Sigh, all gone, can’t do anything about it, fact is we always think of something that we could have done instead of what we did, AFTER. I’m not getting the papers back immediately so I can enjoy my holidays to its fullest before coming back here, having a brand new start.

 ↑ Meant to post this last Sunday but didn’t get to finish it so yeah~ -.-‘ I decided to post this draft anyway..

My bro’s girlfriend’s exam notes… -.-‘ During the exam period she either stayed up really late at night or didn’t sleep at all. It was open exams so she could take an A4 paper of notes in, that’s why she tried to write in very very small fonts.. CRAZY~

A cup of hot chocolate saved me on the exam days. 😛 Sooooo good~ I recommend Gloria Jean’s. ;] The only thing I ever have marshmallows with.

In love with these sour lemon drops!! XD ❤
Only for $2 from the discount shop in Burwood. ‘]

Quote of the Day: “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” – Victor Hugo


P/s: Oh! And I got my new phone credits for this month HURRAY~!! Gonna use it quickly cause going overseas soon.

Don’t lie to me, yo.

Now this is just to clarify something that I’ve been on lately, lying.
If you know me, you know that I enjoy listening to lies when I totally know the truth. However, I never wanted these lies to come out from the mouth of the one I really trust and for whatever reason.

You may think that I know nothing cause I’ve acted like nothing but guess what? I know and have kept it in my heart. It would be because either I think it’s a tiny little lie in which I have no idea why you lied; OR I want to give you a second chance. If I ever expose you, it is very likely that things can never be the same between us again, I may forgive you, but don’t expect to have me back.

To some people that don’t matter as much to me, lying such things to me is like insulting my intelligence LOL. Yes, it’s hard for me to spot fake niceness; but I’m pretty alright at spotting lies.

Haha I hope that these things I said didn’t make some of you ticklish in the neck, cause if so you know that I’ve taken you into consideration. I’m not a difficult person in general, but may be very harsh on honesty issues.

Don’t throw bullsh*t at me cause you know I can handle it quite well.


Bros over hoes – Chicks over d*cks

Ain’t meant to do this post now but in bed and just suddenly having the mood. So will continue with my draft post soon~ Promised.

Don’t know where such quote came from but it’s become my motto. Only if you’re a very innocent person, you wouldn’t really get it cause every down-to-earth human being would understand this quote, that the first part indicates to guys and the second is to girls.

Really, I will never choose to stick to a friend who puts their relationship over your friendship, that’s tiring. Like, I don’t think they’re even worth my faith and trust. To be honest, many of us can be single and life is still beautiful with friends around; but a person who does not have a best friend is dead pitiful. And most of these people are the ‘hoes over bros – d*cks over chicks’ type.

Don’t even expect to have a good and long-term friendship if you treat your guy/girl nicely but being a b*tch/d*ck to you friends.


Update No. 17

Been doing a lot of Chemistry today cause had a lot to catch up and understand. Gonna run through a bit of Japanese cause tomorrow gotta focus on Commerce and English, since they’re my first exams on Monday.

Just went out to have hot dog – my favourite chilli dog; with a cup of hot chocolate. They were pretty nice. My brother in law took me there since no one cooked at home today. He’s friggin’ nice. 😀

It’s winter now in Australia, not snowing but very cold, and rainy. I was silent all the way to Harry’s de Wheel. Don’t know why, maybe because I was too tired, so chose to look at the road rather than speak. This time again, suddenly feeling blank and no emotion.

I think today was one of the days where I smiled less. A day full of seriousness. I don’t feel that stressed out but really uncertain of myself, scared that I’m running out of time.

On the way home had a deep conversation with my brother-in-law. Oh well not that deep but deeper than normal, since all we ever talk about is jokes and not serious stuff. I asked him things about school and things. He was a really good student back then in high school, with all the marks and 4U Maths. I asked him around when he would start studying for exams, he said he never did. Was only half surprise, cause most guys I know don’t.

So I assumed that he was gifted. But anyway, he gave up studying around Year 12 cause he was sick with the craploads; he could have done better if he was just in 3U and not studying too much. He said before Year 12 should not stress out, cause I may need a lot of seriousness in that year.

I don’t wanna stress out or anything too, but I could not care less. I’m just really really scared that when the time has finally come, I would screw up. How can I be like them? Not studying and still get the things? Since primary, all I’ve ever been doing is throwing myself out there, trying like hell.

Ok don’t even know what I’m saying anymore so bye.


Week 8 of school – Ups and downs :]

Ello! =]]

I haven’t been updating a lot these days, sorry again. -.- If you’ve been following my blog you would know that my half yearlies are next week sharp. So this week was quite busy doing school work and exam revision.

On Wednesday I nearly wore slippers to school… (_ _’), like I don’t know, that day I woke up not feeling right somehow. It was a cold and windy day and I had a really strong feeling that it wouldn’t be a nice day. At school, everything was in chaos, part of that was ’cause of our confusing Maths assignment. And after Maths class, the teacher left, only some of us remained to discuss bout it and suddenly heard this girl crying out. Sorry don’t wanna say her name cause might be personal. She put her head down and other girls were around her. This girl seemed like she knew what was going on so she told us to go out (politely). I was so worried and a bit scared cause had no idea what was happening with her. It was like half crying and half like she was taking rapid and hard breaths. We never noticed that until we stopped discussing about the assigment… Anyway, I didn’t bring it up again after that cause might be sensitive and rude.

Apparently that day 2 of my friends were having tough times as well. -.- Never knew that until after training when one of them messaged me with a long paragraph complaining bout his weird and frustrating day. 😛 The only good thing that day for me was that Sonim Sahyun said that he wanted me to move onto the next group to train with those pro people in demo team, he wants me in the female pattern team. X] That made me really happy.

That morning I had a short weird dream, don’t remember what happened at the beginning but dreamed of a friend’s brother, he messaged me on Facebook saying that his brother was not who I thought he was and that I should stay away from him. -.- And I was still thinking about it after waking up. The night before there was some slight misunderstanding between us and we both thought the other didn’t reply and were thinking if something was wrong. Maybe that was why I had such weird dream~ But anyway, thinking back it was pretty funny. XD

Thursday was a super happy day for me! Haven’t been enjoying life so much since my NZ camp. In the morning waking up feeling.. SO RIGHT. 😛 Again I don’t know why I felt that way, just felt that the day would run nicely my way. And it really did. X] Had my Maths test/exam on Moodle and did really good. Made me soo happy cause that was my best mark out of these 2 years doing Maths! Didn’t want to show how high and excited I was after the test cause many of my friends didn’t get it right, electronic test is a bit troublesome I suppose.

After school went to the local library to study for English, a bit of Japanese and Science. Met my guy friend and gave him a bookmark, which I bought a long time ago but never gave him. -.- Then he helped me out with Chemistry work cause he’s super good at it! XD And man, his friend was soooo cute haha! XP I was pretty slow in picking up things and he seemed like giving up on me too (_ _’).

Me: *pointing at the chemical balancing act* This one.

Him: Mmmm okay. How about you trying doing one first?

Me: (‘-‘) Uh kayy…. *looking at the sheet reluctantly*

*2 minutes

….*5 minutes

Him: What are you doing?

Me: I can’t do it (_ _’)!

But at the end, learned a lot of things and had heaps of fun! :]

Today was a pretty good day for me too. ;] Nothing much happened but am happy ’cause it was a productive day. Was fully discussing things in Science with my girl friend and learned a lot as well, she’s so smart and explained to me most of the things I didn’t get. But funny how everytime we discuss about something, we will go really deep into it and end up not even knowing what we talking about anymore haha! 😛

At this moment, feels like everyone is so happy and that makes me super happy too! XD This may not last long so gotta cherish every second of it :). Now all I care is the exams next week and after they’re over, I can have time for fun and dramas. 😛 Feeling so motivated now, hurhur.

Going home soon (at my bro-in-law’s place at the moment to visit his mother, she just had an operation) so there won’t be Internet. Talk later. 😀

Fingers cross for next week!


Quote of the Day: “Do what makes you happy. Be with who makes you smile.” ;]

Update No. 16 – Old memories – My sister’s wedding


In bed already and it’s 12:40am but just feel like doing an update cause don’t wanna forget what I wanted to say later on. And this week will be really busy for me cause exams are straight next week. =/

Mum and sis are fully talking bout my sis’ wedding beside me now and they’re so loud. -.-‘ My sis got stressed out cause discussing bout it with my Dad, he’s quite conservative, have to say… We know so many relatives and friends, listed round 800 people!! @@, trying to cut down. And all the booking stuff are so messy she said. They gave me a headache too…

Anyway, had a really good public holiday. 😀 Spent like a lot of time talking to this guy friend cause he seemed bored. We exchanged our childhood photos and had so much fun laughing at one another haha! But that made me miss my beautiful childhood so much… Realised a lot of people around me and loved me. And how much I’ve changed over the past years. -_- Not as cute as before. Have to say that my baby photos are heck cute hehe :P. I think all babies are cute.

Also, spent the whole night talking bout our names and nicknames. It was so damn hard to find out what my name was in Chinese.. -.-‘ And it turned out so weird, he said. He tried pronouncing my Viet name but I bet he failed hard, cause my name is freaking hard to say. The consonants require quite a special accent of ours haha! XP Then I gave him this nickname which I’m really fond of and found out that it actually had meanings! I was like ‘OMFG o.O’ :P. The meanings are really funny by the way BUHAHAHAHA!! =))

Suddenly don’t feel sleepy~ Maybe because my Mum and sis talking so loudly, pouring out all of their frustration.. Now ya know what women’s frustration’s like. =_= Can’t wait for my holidays to come, to get out of this hell~

Have a good week!

Good night~


P/s: Wonder if I should still blog while on holidays :D. I will try to; but just wanna have fun mostly and not going on Internet a lot. Don’t want anything from here to ruin my holiday mood – like what I and my Taekwondo girl friend did when we went to NZ camp. X]

Photos Lag – May/June

Wanted to post some photos but never got the chance to before so now putting them all in one post. 🙂

Burwood Dojang after the grading on 3rd of June. 🙂 Was sweating to death that time after sparring.

Borrowed this book from Burwood Library last week but only read a few pages. Seems pretty good. From the “Self Help” bookshelves that I always go to haha!

My girl friend drew this in IST class and we had heaps of fun freaking out our friends BUHAHAHAHA!! XD Around 20 people.. 😛

My girl friend, Daenikka, was helping me to brainstorm what the crap was wrong with me, cause a lot of things went wrong that day; the day my laptop broke down. It was pretty lame and funny but I actually felt a lot better after that haha! ❤ Thank you Danni.

Coconut M&M!!! “Stole” this from my brother last night, hehe. It’s a new flavour, maybe just new to me. Tastes hella nice!!! XD Really like it now.

The Volunteers Breakfast at the Bankstown Sports Club that I attended. 🙂 Great experience and hopefully I will be there again next year. Photo taken with our brother school and Concord High. :]

LittleCaramelFlan :]

Tag No. 4

Haven’t done a tag post for a long time haha! 😛

Where were you two hours ago?

At the exact same place/position as I am now lol? Sitting on the sofa in the living room, using my brother’s laptop to do my English assignment cause my school’s one broke down last week.

Has anyone ever cried in your arms?

Quite a few did but I regret not hugging them. =/

How many of your friends have cried in front of you?

3 or more? I don’t really remember..

And how many of your friends have seen you cry?

1? HAHA I actually never thought that I would let anyone see me crying. That time was unexpected. =.=’ You know how when you’re trying to hold back your tears and someone just goes “Are you okay?”, so yeah I broke down because of her niceness. (_ _”)

How would you react if a doctor told you that you were infertile?

I don’t know. Never thought about it~ But of course I would be really sad. And scared that my husband would dump me? Haha .

What was the last thing you randomly decided to buy, on the spur of the moment?

If on the spur of the moment I can’t remember, I think the last thing I bought was lollipops to give to my friend to thank her for lending me her laptop cause mine broke down and wouldn’t be able to do the assignment (or go to training) without her. 🙂 We’re not that close but she’s real nice.

Have you ever heard the song “My Immortal” by Evanescence? What did you think of it?

No. Don’t even know that artist/band.

What’s the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?

I really can’t remember something from long ago at the moment but the bus driver that was really kind to tell us when to get off and he asked if we knew the way back. Then he was explaining the bus routes and stuff for us. Sweet old man. :”>

Do you know where the person you miss is at this moment?

I don’t really miss anyone now. 🙂

What if you found out the person you like was already taken?

LOL I wouldn’t like him just by knowing so little about him. But if that happened then I don’t know, nothing much I could do?

What’s the closest thing to you that’s blue?

A blue pen with blue ink.

Do you like shopping in your home town, or do you prefer to shop somewhere else?

Anywhere but not in this suburb, they got nothing here. I can catch a 2-minute train or walk to Parramatta cause they have good stuff.

Are there any foods that you love but can’t eat, for any reason?

I don’t love food that I can’t eat. =.=’ Maybe just food that people really like like sashimi and cheese.

Are there any unusual food combinations that you enjoy?

It depends on how you define “unusual”.

What’s the nicest meal that someone else has ever cooked for you?

Every home-made meal. 🙂

What’s the nicest meal you’ve ever cooked yourself, from scratch?

The only thing I ever made from scratch is instant noodles. -.-‘ Then added prawns and mushrooms and beef.

Have you ever received a prank phone call? How did you respond to it?

Not that I know of. Only me and my friends doing that to other people when bored. 😛

Are you hiding something from someone atm? If so, do you feel guilty about it, or do you feel it’s the right thing to do?

Yes. 2 things. And I think I will never reveal those 2 things. I did feel guilty for one of them, but will get better in some years time.

Who was the last person you felt like you had to apologise to? What for?

Don’t remember since I always do wrong things and have to apologise. =.=’ Mmm.. the last “sorry” I said was to this guy friend cause I called him cute haha! XP

What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning?

“What time is it?”

How many people of the opposite sex have you said ‘I love you’ to?

Not that I can recall.. I only said “like” since “love” always appears strong to me. But I would say it for fun if they do :D.

Who was the last person you talked to whose name started with a letter ‘C’?

Not sure if she was the last one but..”Candy”? My school friend.

What flavour was the last ice-cream you ate?

Now realised I haven’t had ice cream for a long time.. @@ Probably was either passion fruit or chocolate cause I always choose these flavours. 😛

When it comes to the opposite sex, do you have a certain type that you go for?

My ideal guy type is extinct obviously. I don’t go for a certain type, just talk with them and see how it goes. I like a guy that has something he really likes and good at? LOL. Just wanna say that cause if you ask me, that’s a long list.

Have you ever told anyone that you never wanted to lose them?

My girl best friend maybe?

The person you fell the hardest for says they never felt anything for you. What do you say?

Depends on the situation but Ima have this poker face -> 😐 and don’t know what to say… Really, never thought of this. -.-‘

What do you think of the music your parents listen to?

My Mum’s music.. she makes me listen to it most nights cause I sleep with her. (_ _”) It’s old, slow and depressing.

Do you 100% trust the last person you had a serious conversation with?

No. I don’t trust anyone 100%.

In a relationship, how long would you wait before saying ‘I love you’?

I don’t get the question. Aren’t we supposed to love each other to go into commitment?

Do you think you’re good enough for the person you like?

No. Cause when I like someone, I think really high of them and usually put myself down..

Who was the last person to tell you that they find you attractive?

No one. The last person that said he liked me was back years ago.

What’s the worst hairstyle you’ve ever had?

Whenever I don’t comb my hair cause it’s really long.

Has anyone ever called you ‘stunning’?


What was the last compliment you paid to someone of the opposite sex?

I called him “cute”? -.-‘ It was meant to be a compliment but guys just don’t like that word. =/

Do you believe people easily when they lie to you?

I wouldn’t know if someone was lying to me?

Depends on with who cause my guard is different with different people.

Write the title of the last song you listened to, backwards.

Only one word haha~! OURS.

What is something you’re looking forward to in the near future?

Winter break, cause I’m going to Vietnam!! XD


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