"Tomorrow becomes yesterday too quickly."

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Just found this on my phone, downloaded it long ago and I’m sorry Julia, it still made me laugh XD.



Bringing back memories Hubbie? ❤


10 Day Challenge – Day 11

11. Do you feel protective over someone?

My Mum -.-‘ I don’t know, not really but I sometimes imagined bashing up the someone if they’re bad to my mother lol. I would try my best to protect my closed ones, like I would really try at any cost. But I’m probably still too small to do anything~


10 Day Challenge – Day 10

10. Did you have a good day or a bad day? Where do you think that defining line was?

Only been through half a day now and it’s been okay. Was very happy in the morning but got so tired after the English lesson (_ _”), we were doing practice paper for the yearly which is next Monday. I don’t really know how to study for English so want to spend more time on Japanese, Science and Maths. I can already imagine myself getting busted for Maths.

Defining line…mmm… I think it is a good day if you smile a lot and are happy, like you will keep positive thoughts even though something doesn’t go quite right. And especially, you know if it is a good day by the time you get out of the house in the moring ;], I do. Just that guts feeling ya know :P.


30 Day Challenge – Day 8 + 9

Thought of the answer for Day 8 yesterday already but couldn’t go on PC (or even use my phone) last night so have to do it today -.-‘

8. Write about the first moment that comes to your head when you read the words “childhood memory”.

Was thinking about this while washing the dishes yesterday so thought of something very funny, my first time washing dishes. My parents were out and appointed me the job and I was very hopeless cause didn’t know how to do it. And I called my cousin (who is 6 years older than me) for help and we were on phone for the whole time for him to teach me how to do the dishes haha :D.

9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Jordan’s answer: In a better place than I am now.

Angela Aki _Letter – アンジェラ.アキ_手紙

Dear you,
Who’s reading this letter
Where are you and what are you doing now?

For me who’s 15 years old
There are seeds of worries I can’t tell anyone

If it’s a letter addressed to my future self,
Surely I can confide truly to myself

Now, it seems that I’m about to be defeated and cry
For someone who’s seemingly about to disappear
Whose words should I believe in?
This one-and-only heart has been broken so many times
In the midst of this pain, I live the present

Dear you,
Thank you
I have something to tell the 15-year-old you

If you continue asking what and where you should be going
You’ll be able to see the answer

The rough seas of youth may be tough
But row your boat of dreams on
Towards the shores of tomorrow

Now, please don’t be defeated and please don’t shed a tear
During these times when you’re seemingly about to disappear
Just believe in your own voice
For me as an adult, there are sleepless nights when I’m hurt
But I’m living the bittersweet present

There’s meaning to everything in life
So build your dreams without fear
Keep on believing

Seems like I’m about to be defeated and cry
For someone who’s seemingly about to disappear
Whose words should I believe in?

Please don’t be defeated and please don’t shed a tear
During these times when you’re seemingly about to disappear
Just believe in your own voice

No matter era we’re in
There’s no running away from sorrow
So show your smile, and go on living the present
Go on living the present

Dear you,
Who’s reading this letter
I wish you happiness


The piano is so beautifully played in this song.

30 Day Challenge – Day 7

7. Think of the last person you hugged. What would you do if they vanished completely?

Don’t remember but I guess my Mum, last night. Needless to say, I would break down completely and spend a very long time accepting it.

30 Day Challenge – Day 6

6. Pick a recent experience that has effected you greatly and talk about it.

Been sleeping for the past continuous 5 hours this evening and I wanna go back to sleep asap so I wanna be quick. The only thing at the top of my head now is ‘lack of sleep’. I haven’t been having enough sleep this week due to crapload and especially last night, less than 5 hours. Wasn’t so sleepy during school today but now I feel very sick.


30 Day Challenge – Day 5

5. Pick a song that projects the same mood as your day or week and explan.

Perfect timing, I’ve already made a post about the song yesterday :). I actually have 2 songs, Hello Mr My Yesterday and Tegami, because they pretty much have the similar meaning. Time time and time. Last night I was stunned…literally stunned, when reading the past entries of my diary. DIARY. Not blog, not WordPress! It’s been nearly 3 years. I never wrote so much thought, only some entries. I usually would write for continuous days then gave up and after a long time, started again.

Each and every of the pages filled me with thoughts and emotions. I realised how real and truthful the diary actually was, I was stunned, by seeing how the stuff I said on here are slightly different from there. Or maybe not different, but just not enough. Nothing felt so personal for such a long time, while reading I felt like the me from yesterday was speaking, telling stories. Maybe you all won’t understand… I felt like I’ve been lying to myself for so long, it was all stupid. Why did I have to keep presuming that I was strong enough? I should have kept writing the diary, afterall I can only be totally honest to it, not this.

Today felt dead all the way, no one really gets it. I think I should stop blogging, not too much. But since I’ve already started the challenge, I want to get it finished.


Hello Mr My Yesterday – Tegami

Was listening to some very good Japanese songs and will share tomorrow cause not on PC at the moment, I won’t create another post though, will edit within this post. This is just to keep me reminded so I won’t forget :D.


P/s: Or you can search up ‘Tegami by Angela Aki’, it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard X]!

^This is the short version at the end of Case Closed with Viet sub only.

^This one is the full version with engsub but the stuff running on screen are quite annoying.

^Reminds me of Dance Dance Revolution at Galaxy World XD I wish that it has this song…gotta check it out next time.

30 Day Challenge – Day 4

4. What do you think it means to be in love?

I don’t know honestly? I have never been in a relationship and at this age, I don’t expect myself to have so good knowledge of it, because they say, whatever you are feeling at this age can easily be wrongly interpreted.

I think there are probably levels of how strong/deep your love is? Like parental love, it is infinite. Friends love, however, is different from the sort of love between opposite sexes because this is obviously sexually attraction. But I guess whatever type of love it is, if you do love someone, you will be willing to accept them for who they really are and do things that would make them happy, to a further stage, sacrifice. It is when you feel connected with that person and will not abandon/give them up through difficulties.

I don’t know haha :D, maybe it’s just a very weird feeling in the chest…


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