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Photos (super) lag – Jessie’s wedding (2)

Sorry couldn’t post the photos separately so had to create another post (_ _”). These are photos from the ceremony and go in sequence.

To be continued…


Good night – Nose bleed

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂

Blogging a bit since I’m so tired with Maths work, our exam is this Friday and I’m really nervous since it covers many topics. God and some questions are so tricky…

Anyway, I had a really good night yesterday…not because I was doing my Commerce assignment (I probably just stuffed it all up), but because I was catching up with this online guy friend whom I hadn’t talked in ages! He’s studying at Uni in Brisbane now and I was kinda surprised how we’ve known each other for more than 3 years… We played games together but both quit long ago so now just contacting via Facebook, Yahoo and texts.

Wanted to ask him about things that made me wondering these days, realised I really needed another opinion on it. It was really late already so I had to go to sleep and he was like ‘Good night baby.’ Ok don’t you get this wrong, that wasn’t serious and I was no surprise cause he’s always been like that with me, but that really made my night! Was very happy cause he is one the the few people in my life that don’t always take everything so seriously, and it’s fun.

This afternoon I got a nose bleed while playing basketball -.-, OMG it seriously seemed like a rugby game to me, cause all those Year 9 girls were so enthusiastic…and violent. Not sure who but some girl just swang her arm to my face and I knew it was going to bleed, oh and my lips did too. Everyone was so concerned but I guess I kinda missed the blood cause haven’t had it for a long time. After coming back from the bathroom, got hit again, but by the ball. Lucky my glasses didn’t break, otherwise I think I would get really pissed off cause it broke last year (or was it the year before?) in basketball too!

Alright going back to Maths now. Talk later~


Love Wrecked – “Jenny” (The Click Five)


So was looking at this movie called Love Wrecked which I have watched in Year 7 cause this guy friend of mine said that he’s been hearing my name around a lot lately and I thought of this movie. =]] I still remember the plot and actually downloaded some songs from the movie and still listen to them sometimes.

On a Caribbean cruise, Jenny is marooned on a beach with her rock and roll idol. Deliriously in love with the idea of time alone with him, she manages to hide the fact that they’re a stone’s throw away from their resort.

It’s romantic comedy and the main female character is apparently also from She’s The Man :). I was looking up on Youtube for it and found a fan-made video of “Jenny & Ryan” (the two main characters in Love Wrecked) and was so amazed by the song! I was wondering if it was just me or the voice was actually singing “Jenny Jenny”, since I never thought there was such…weird song o.O? Here’s the video:

Ryan is such a cute name and I had actually thought about naming my boy in future this name <3. Anyway, searched the lyrics up and found out that the song’s name is really “Jenny”. I was like ‘…..o.O’. 




Photos (super) lag – Jessie’s wedding (1)

Got these from my sis’ photographer and he edited them for the album so looking pretty good ^^~

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In bed at night

Been lying in bed for 2 hours already and still can’t fall asleep. Wanted to sleep early and wake up early tomorrow to do work but… what now?

I still remember feeling happy when posting the photo of Dad this afternoon… Looks like the next few days are going to be hard.

Family. School. Friends. And myself. Am I a such troubled girl? Cause now it doesn’t take that much to knock me down anymore.


Photos (super) lag – Life and Stuff

These ones are the photos I took in these few months and should have been uploaded with the blog posts before but didn’t.

Hope you enjoyed looking at them :).


Photos (super) lag – Vietnam; Singapore & Malaysia holidays!

Sorry was meant to post the photos a while ago but never had enough time to so here they are! :]

There are a lot of photos so I uploaded as a gallery and they show in columns. If they’re too small you can click to zoom in :].


Tag No. 6

Do you think someone is missing you atm? Probably not.

Can you think of one reason why some people might not like you? Mmmm maybe cause I’m pretty quick-tempered and straight forward sometimes?

So we’re over halfway through 2012. How has it been for you so far? Has anything happened in the past 8 months that you think you will always remember? Been fairly good, cause it probably can’t get any worse :D. Errr my memory is very bad these days so I guess I cannot think of any for now. I think this year I’ve learned to have a lot of fun and not live by rules.

Can you describe what was going through your mind during your last kiss? (_ _”)

Are you talking to anyone while filling this in? What are you talking about? Not talking to anyone/

If you’re in a relationship, are you happy? And if you’re single, are you looking for someone? Happily single and yesh I do think that having someone to share things with you is good…sometimes. But anyway, won’t want commitment til Uni cause that’s what my parents want it to be like and I personally think relationships between people are already not simple to handle.

Have you ever been so drunk that you could barely stand? I  remember dancing round singing but umm don’t think so.

Was your last hug from someone of the opposite sex? Nup. From Julia at the station saying goodbye~ ❤

Will you be sharing your bed with someone else tonight? Yep.

Is there anything wrong with you right now? Because met up with my girl friend tonight and talked about deep stuff so got myself thinking about it since then. Feeling suppressed about something right now.

Have you eaten chocolate today? Errr no, not that I can recall.

Think back to last night … did you go to sleep before midnight? YESH!! HAHAHA 10 minutes before 12AM! XP

The last time you sent a text to someone, did you add a kiss at the end? Nah

What’s the nicest thing the person you love/like has ever said to you? Told me that I was special to talk with~

Where did you meet the person you love/like? Somewhere around Darling Harbour? lol

Have you had any recent calls or texts from any unknown numbers? Did you answer them? I received a missed call from this number and had no idea who it was so tried to call again and some lady was like “Wei? Wei?” me ‘.’

OK … let’s just say I’m going to buy you a present … but I don’t know what to get :/ Would you mind if I just bought you a box of chocolates? Nope. I love chocolate!

Or, if you don’t like chocolates at all, is there something else you’d prefer? ^

Has anyone ever stolen food from you? No, or maybe my sneaky brother at home haha!

What is something that people make fun of you for? Don’t know…but I would like to make others laugh. =]

Which supermarket do you like to shop at? Not a fan of shopping..just shop at anywhere that has things I needa buy.

Do you think you might have any obsessive compulsive tendencies? ._. I just know that I’m very crazy about keeping my books neat.

Who was the last person to text you? Do you think this person cares for you? Midhilla – Yesh.

Did you have a conversation last night that made you smile? I smile/laugh like almost in every conversation with this guy friend cause he uses a lot of emoticons. :>

Has anyone paid you a compliment at all today? This History teacher who supervised us for the Daffodil Day volunteer shift in the morning.

Have you ever been told that your boyfriend/girlfriend wasn’t good enough for you? Never been in a relationship. 😛

Do you think it’s okay to flirt with someone that’s already taken, as long as it goes no further? To be honest, we’re just like any other creatures and flirting is completely natural between opposite sexes, we may not even realise that we’re doing so. But I guess to some people it is highly against their morals so they try not to. However, if you don’t want it to happen then don’t even think about getting close to that person cause feelings can’t be controlled.

Have you ever been on the phone for more than an hour straight? Yeah. X]

What’s your least favourite part of your body? Arms and legs.

Are you a spender or a saver? A saver but can be a nice spender at times aha! >;]

Are you currently wearing anything pink? Pink pants. 0.O

If someone close to you is upset, does that make you feel upset too? YESH. I don’t know how that happens but when a friend told me about something that upset them I would get worried and restless too – sometimes even more than they do (_ _”). But it’s the same with when something good happened, I would feel super happy as well HAHA! XD

Do you struggle to say ‘no’ to things you don’t want to do? Yeah…quite a lot I realised..

Are you wearing any label brands of clothing? Nup.

Do you think it’s really possible to love just one person until the day you die? No, there can be many people that come across your life, you may love one, get over him/her and move on til you find The One who you will (possibly) love til you die. :]

Someone attractive is staring at you. What do you do? Depends on my mood? Usually would be too scared to look but sometimes I feel fun and look back? lol

How long can you stay single after a relationship break-up, before you feel ready to be with someone else? Never been in an actual relationship but, I guess the first time is always the hardest to get over? Getting over is one thing and moving on is another…

Do you miss someone atm? Does that person know that you miss them? Yeh, I’m not sure who though haha, cause I tend to miss some at once. No they don’t~

Are you friends with someone a lot of people dislike? Yes, and maybe not dislike but no one really hangs out with them. But I always like to keep myself neutral at school :).

Do you think someone else will also want to fill in this survey? One person did. -_-

wet disease nightmare

wet disease nightmare.

Decided to share this post of Julia’s cause it made me crack up in the middle of Science class today. =]]

friday 24th august; froyo + daffodil day

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