"Tomorrow becomes yesterday too quickly."

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It’s funny how my Mum thinks me looking depressed is normal and just as soon as I am eventually pick myself up again she thinks it’s strange :))

I am getting better but won’t be surprised if I fall into that cycle again. LOL but I’m SO glad that I don’t feel like my eyes are popping out in the morning I wake up anymore. It’s been nearly 2 weeks now. I don’t know what exactly helped me through this but I guess seeing that stranger/friend/acquaintance made me feel so much better. How do I put it… The same way as how you say “to have other people believe your lies, you gotta believe them yourself”, so maybe facing someone who you have to act normal in front of, somehow, gradually, makes you feel normal as well.

Can’t believe that I could have been in such state before, it feels so long ago yet so close that it might come back suddenly

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