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New week – All you’re hearing is your damn echo~


So, today has been quite a long day for me, work and people. Got so many things to get done by the end of this week: our Commerce Market Day thing, my English assignment, Civics Test on Friday. For some reason I’d been feeling so lost all day today, not enough motivation to work or something, and got worried over something I shouldn’t, or someone thought I shouldn’t.

Went to Burwood Library after school to do some work and found this pretty good book called “7 Best Things Smart Teens Do” from the “Self Help” book shelf. I always go to that shelf -.- Like I need a lot of help from…books. Haven’t read it yet, only flicked through a few pages and it looked pretty good to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Library is a really good place for me to “meditate” and control my wild thinking.

I’m a loser for letting some people get into my head so gotta end the cycle now. I was confiding in a few friends today and they helped me to determine what I am in need of :] So basically, I’ve decided to cut someone off and leave. And the last thing I want to do is to throw this certain song at a certain someone.



P/s: I was asking this friend heaps of questions cause they’d been jogging ’round my head for days.

Me – Do you agree with the phrase: ‘What is easy to get is also easy to lose, whereas hard to get you won’t lose it easily.’ ?

Him – No.

Me – Which part of it don’t you agree with?

Him – My uncle gave me a bag when I was 10, that was cheap and you can get it from anywhere, and I’m still using it. My grandma gave me a gold ring~ and I lost it the next day.

Me – @@

Him – It all depends on how important the thing means to you, not how easy to get.

This made me think a lot.

Quote of the Day: “… And you’re all alone hearing your own damn E-echo~~ E-e-echo~~~”

Tag No. 1

Before we start, what is your name?


When was the last time you watched the sun set?

Mmmm… Don’t remember, probably when coming back from the fun park in New Zealand?

Do you like anyone?


Is it more than one person?


Do you brush your teeth everyday?


Who is your inspiration? Why?

Quite a few~~ This ABV guy called Jordan Nguyen from UTS, he’s smart and swag, and I like how he used his talent to develop a thought-controlled wheelchair.

A lot of people touched my heart in these 15 years, especially those who proved to me that no matter who they are, what they’ve got, they still can make a difference.

And I personally admire my parents and sister for everything they’ve been through.

Would you ever have an open relationship?

Never thought of it.

By societies standards, are you attractive?


Would you let your kid smoke weed?

No. Unless I do. And no fuss about them trying once.

Are you a hypochondriac?

No… But maybe…

Are you mentally stable?

Of course.

Do you wear glasses?


Are you single?


If you are, is it because you are afraid of commitment?ย 

Part of it, yes. But mostly, I only seem to get along well with guys as a friend.

If someone liked you, how would you want them to tell you?


If you are single, are you looking for a partner? If you arenโ€™t, do you watch Jersey shore?

No, and what is Jersey shore?

When was the last time you yelled at someone?

I don’t remember. I seldom do that, especially not at home since I’m the youngest.

Are you okay?

I guess.

If you are a girl, are you telling the truth? If you are a guy, have you ever played with barbies?


Are all guys liars and cheaters?

Objectively, no.

What is your favorite movie?

I watched a lot, no particular movie that I really love though, or I just don’t remember.

Do you have something to say?

I love life =]

Do you ramble?

I think so -.-‘

Do you want to change the world?

Yes, less polluted so we can live longer.

Are you watching tv?

No, but might be soon.

Do you think marijuana is safer than alcohol?

I don’t see how -.-‘

Are you a good artist?

Used to be, but haven’t been drawing/painting for a long time.

Do you know how to study properly?

I do know, but just cannot do it properly.

Do you listen to music daily?

Uh huh. Music for life ;P

Are you listening to music now?



Weekends Overall [29.04.12]

Today I woke up very late, like at 10:30am cause of staying up until ’round 1:30am to chat with this guy friend, we hadn’t talked for like weeks due to his exams. It was a nice conversation and we started talking about relationship and stuff. I then realised many of my friends are all paired up now, like MANY! From acquaintances to the closed ones.I know I don’t need one but there are moments when you just feel like an alien amongst your friends -.-‘

This week is Week B, meaning 4 Maths and 3 English lessons in a row (_ _”) Tough week. Felt so bad when seeing my friends doing work and me sitting there bludging. OMG and on Friday I was fully messaging this guy during school, it was fun but after realised I was such a bad student =/ Not really, cause I simply had nothing to do in PE since I finished my speech and in Maths I was doing good, finished all of my homework in class. But well, I do feel that I’ve been so much distracted lately, gotta learn a way to balance SOCIAL – WORK.

During the trip to New Zealand, I realised so many things (apart from how amazing the guys are XD). Life is short and I gotta enjoy it to my fullest, I think I’ve been pretty good now. Like, shits still often run through my mind but I could kick them off after a little while. And I tend to not keep whining about how shitty my situation is anymore, just can’t be bothered. I used to sit there wondering all day what someone might be thinking about me. It is hard to understand certain people, and at the end of the day you still don’t get anything out of it. Time will spot who should go and who should stay in your life. So Ima just wing it!! XP Living young, and wild, and free ;P



Quote of the Day: “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” – Marie Curie

My first post

Ello =]

Okay, so after a long time since I stopped using Edublogs (I basically dumped it) I’d decided to start on with WordPress ๐Ÿ™‚ My Taekwondo girl friend, Julia, is using this too and I used to read her blogs (a lot) and I realised this could be a fun way to practise writing and share my experiences with my friends X]

We’re all going towards our senior years and I guess they won’t be easy so I wanna keep track of myself from now on. Hope that I won’t give up on blogging again haha! I used to write diary, then dumped it, then started writing again, but always ended up giving up. I will try to update whenever I can, I originally would prefer blogging from school but my TAFE password for some reason is not working anymore =.=’

I won’t make my blog too personal like the first blog cause the posts were too long and it became a bother for me to start writing something (if you are my friend and know me, you would probably know that I can even write an essay about my thoughts and feelings).

Another thing is, I will set the visibility as “Public”, not putting up passwords for my posts like I used to anymore, since I think only a few of my friends will read this ๐Ÿ˜€ Meaning more laid back and not secretive ;]

I pretty much relaxed for this whole day and just sat there watching TVB drama (The Sergeant Tabloid) and some videos come from a series called “Science of Attraction”. I found them very interesting =] Hopefully I will be able to start working on my English assignment which is due on Thursday.

Write more later ;P Gotta go pack up my luggage, been too busy/lazy to clean up since I came back from my trip in New Zealand (an awesome one XP) My Mum is very annoyed with it so gotta get rid of it now!

Good night,


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