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Update No. 12

Ello. =)

I’m taking my time out on the train to blog, hehe. I have a lot of things to talk about but I will save them to later :).

I think I will be able to do this Civics assignment good but thing is we have an oral presentation tomorrow and the teachers demand a lot. I’m afraid that by tomorrow I will be half-dead, won’t be able to do good. I might be able to do on Friday since it’s impossible to go through everyone in one lesson; but I wanna volunteer to go tomorrow cause want to get it all done with and the teacher we got tomorrow is really kind so she probably will go easy on me.

OMG just then this lady sitting next to me she was on phone and started mumbling… We were really close to each other so I thought she said something to me and I turned ’round and went like ‘Sorry? :)’… Then she smiled and shook her head. So damn embarassing! (_ _’) Don’t know why things like this always happen to me..

Anyway, so…back to reality. Today the Year 10 Speakers Cup Finale was held but I didn’t do it, cause the whole Learning Support staffroom wasn’t informed and they were all like dumbfounded when I came and asked ’bout it at break. So, no ESL speeches this year. I didn’t really care though, was rather relieved ’cause I didn’t have to give a speech, to go up there and shake, I still remember how nerve-racking it was in Year 8. But what surprised me was there were so many students, it felt like endless. And result, the same girl from last year won.

We did this fun experiment on kiwifruit DNA in Science class today. X] I and my friends were fully playing with it. Will do a photo post this weekend, I think Ima just dump all of the photos I took in the past week in.

My friend in another class slept at 3am cause her Civics thing was due today and that made me wonder what time Ima sleep tonight. -.-

Oh, I’m nearly there, gotta go. Mum had a day off today, meaning there’s yummy food waiting for me at home. ❤


For BIG Mistakes~

My friend gave me this little present today at Taekwondo training and it was really cute :P. Can’t go on PC at the moment so Ima just share her post which got the photo in it :).

For BIG Mistakes~.



Update No. 11 – God save me…

Warning: This is going to be a complaining post so if you don’t want to hear me nagging you shouldn’t start reading this.

This morning got to school and my friend told me that our Civics research/oral assessment is due this Wednesday… For the first time I didn’t even pay attention to my assignment’s deadline, I seriously thought that it was due on Friday (_ _’). Okay my fault, I shouldn’t have wasted my weekends on resting cause of the flu.

Couldn’t do much in Maths cause was so sleepy and tired. The questions were extremely boring!! We’re on the topic ‘Data’, it’s even worse than geometry. All you do is rolling your eyes across the page to try and group those non-sense numbers, calculate the mean and such. It takes so much time for grouping and graphing! If this was my job which I had to do everyday, think I’d better off die. My life is no where for such boring man-killing job.

No break today cause it’s Monday, in Commerce we got our reports back and got really low. Like really really low. Just enough to pass. I don’t wanna blame the teacher so okay my fault, I didn’t think more of what he wanted us to do.

Third period, Civics (we have 2 teachers), one of them came in to speak to us cause we wouldn’t have enough time next lesson cause of the oral presentation. She was talking ’bout our assignment which we handed in a while ago and how most of them were good but didn’t really understand the main idea of it and stuff; and she took my assignment as an example -.-, not directly, she just mentioned it. But anyway, good thing is she said that all of us got the 2 top bands :). That made me really happy and relieved as the second before I thought I messed up.

At lunch time again somehow we were driven into the Year 11 subjects selection and this girl told me that Biology would scale me down. Didn’t know it so was really surprised, I always thought that all Science subjects did you good. I personally like Bio over Physics, but started feeling so insecured of my choice after hearing them all speaking ’bout it. I don’t know what matters more, ATAR?

I know they didn’t mean to discourage me but I always take things people say into consideration, especially those who sound so certain. This gave me a headache, wonder if I will get any sleep tonight and tomorrow night. The assigment looks damn hard.

Blogging on the bus now cause I know I won’t be able to do it at the library, gotta really get things done. I miss my carefree childhood when I used to try to be sick so Mum would come home cuddling me; when I and my brother used to sit in front of the TV watching Disney Channel all day. And our favourite show, Timon and Pumba. ‘Hakuna Matata!’ -> it means ‘No Worries’ in their language. ;]

Feels like I’m so in need of some encouragement.

Okay gotta go. Bye bye.


P/s: Exam period, I hope you all doing good :). Hakuna Matata!

Weekends Overall [27.05.12] – Is your baggage heavy?

Ahem. Konbanwa! 🙂

This week was pretty good to me in general. Not that good but just cannot think of something really bad that happened. Maybe it did but I just forgot, but then that’s good if I did cause I’d like to take it that way more. The matter lies in the situation, but our attitude towards it matters. So like, if we can manage to think positive, chances are it may turn out positive, or negative. But if we insist to think negative then chances are the situation is just bad. For example, in the test, with multiple choice questions it’s never a good idea to leave them blank. You’re stuck, you guess (think positive), you got 1/4 of the chance of getting the answer right. But if you leave it blank (think negative), your chance of getting the answer right is zero.

LoL it just came to my mind while I was cleaning up the house today. I tend to think about different stuff while doing chores, haha :D.

I’ve been watching this cartoon that I just happened to see on Youtube (while looking for the episodes of Detective Conan). It’s really good, I’d say. It’s about a really clever little monk who was a prince born under the falling period of the empire. His mother had to send him to a temple to save him. And from there many different stories started. This character, actually existed in Japan a long time ago. Not sure if all of the stories are true though, but I know some are. It is funny at times (where he uses his wit to beat those people who always try to pick on him), and emotional when it comes to the relationship with his mother. I am Buddhist but was never really religious about it, this animation taught me a lot about humanity. Now I know why a lot of religious people (not just Buddhism but other religions as well) have different traditions, they live well with what they believe. It doesn’t matter what they believe is right or wrong, they have something that gives them securities.

And realised being nice doesn’t neccesarily mean that you’re an angel, it’s just the light in the heart. The best thing to do is to try to balance it all out. I don’t know how to put it exactly, it’s just the art of giving and forgiving :). Everything becomes easier once you’ve learnt how to give, and forgive someone. Kind is what you really are, not what other people think you should be.

Haha just right before I started to write this post something really pissed me off but after writing about this thing I felt much better! 😀 The problem does not need to go away immediately, but again, your attitude controls it. Hatred goes away when your heart is light, when it refuses to hold to much. Now thinking ’bout all the meditating thingo that I thought was useless to do, I think it works. At some point, you just need to stop for a bit and relax.

I read a short story today, this gameshow guy whom was holding a glass of water and asked his audience:
“How much does this glass weigh?”
“It depends on how long you’re holding that for.”
Yes, that’s right. If you’ve held something for long, you will get tired. It’s just the matter of time. Sometimes, at the end of the day you should put down your baggage, you’ve been holding it for too long that you maybe have forgotten who you really are and what you really want. Stop running, pause, look back, see how far you’ve gone for, and who are the people around you. You may realise that at first to start with, it was just a small bag that you carried. But as the journey went on, more things got into your baggage and put on the weight. Your belief from the beginning may have changed its shape already. So stop and remind yourself of what you USED TO believe, should you really change it? Or were you just blinded because of the weight you’ve been carrying all way long?

OMG I wrote so much. -.- Really I didn’t plan to write this now but it just happened :P. The morals of my heart. My Pandora’s box is safely locked now. ;]

I’m planning to do some posts which I was too lazy/tired to do this weekend. Will do:
– Tags
– Post about Volunteers Breakfast + photos
– Some good old photos that I found on a friend’s Facebook this afternoon
– Good stories that I read
– A post on a topic that caught my attention: The One Who Cares Least Controls The Relationship?

My brother and his girlfriend are watch some comedy, sounds really fun. Ima join them now :P. Hope that my post wasn’t too confusing to get. Ask me if you don’t get something.

Talk soon x


Quote of the Day: “Watson, you see but you don’t observe.” – Sherlock Holmes

Update No. 10

I didn’t go to the Chinese Eisteddfod today nor to the Vgen Mime cause woke up this morning realising I was ‘kinda’ sick. -.-‘
Didn’t feel like doing post so Ima post about the Volunteers Breakfast sometime later. I basically just stayed at home all day today and lay in bed. It’s not that bad but just feel like I can’t do anything.
First time updating via phone :). Feels like today is so long yet so short. Long because I started to think about stuff that happened and miss the old good times. Short because I’ve wasted this whole day. I seldom felt like missing the past so much but not able to do anything today made me think a lot. I know that such feeling will pass shortly, just that right now I feel like all the crap feelings are about to burst inside me. So decided to blog, cause then I would feel better.
I think I should start blogging via phone more ’cause it’s convenient, unless I have to attach photos, cannot do it on here.

Getting over a toxic friendship

I was looking at the articles and found this really good one, which pretty much reflects the situation I am in. It’s short so this time Ima just text-copy the words, so you won’t have to click into another site. All credits go to writtenwithlove.hubpages.

Friend Or Foe

Friends are supposed to be something good in your life, not something that makes things even more difficult. If you feel that you are in a toxic friendship, you should put an end to it immediately. Why be friends with someone who is hurting you emotionally or physically?

Signs Of A Bad Friend

So how do you know if a friendship is bad for you? Look for the signs and signals and go with your gut. If you are feeling unhappy or unsatisfied with a friendship, you are feeling that way for a reason.

Here are some signs that it’s time to end a friendship:
-He/she is demanding and high maintenance.
-He/she feeds off of drama.
-He/she likes to see you fail.
-He/she doesn’t seem to listen or have interest in what you say.
-He/she says or does hurtful things.
-He/she is always cancelling plans.
-He/she lies to you.
-He/she talks about you behind your back.
-He/she is involved in dangerous activities.
-He/she is a mooch.
-He/she steals from you.

How To End It

To end a bad friendship can be quite difficult. The best way to do it is to just sit him/her down and politely explain that you are becoming two very different people and it would be best for both of you to move on. Try not to point the finger or attack him/her because that will most likely cause further drama.

If you have ever been in this situation you will know what they were talking about and how true it is. When you feel like your friendship has become unbalanced and that you cannot take it anymore, all you have to do is walk away. Whose fault it is does not matter, what matters is how this friendship is going downhill cause one realises that both of them are going in different directions. Trust is important in a friendship as it’s a two way thing, giving and getting, at a point where you find yourself cannot trust her/him anymore or she/he just doesn’t, that is when you should consider let go of her/him.

It may be hard to let go if the two people have been together for quite long enough, but the longer you drag it, the worse drama it will turn out to be. It does take a lot of courage to walk away (especially by yourself, if in a situation where mutual friends are involved), but 1-2 years from now, you would be glad that I’d moved your little self on; rather than being confined and staying at some certain point because of that person. As in the previous post ( says, understanding and tolerance go a long way; we all have our peak point. If she/he makes you feel put down at times, you know it’s not worth tolerating anymore, cause that’s not what a true friend should be like.


P/s: Just wanna make it clear that by saying all this, I’m not saying that a friend MUST be bad, you shall let go because the FRIENDSHIP is bad for you, that’s all. So I don’t totally agree with the article, calling that person a bad friend. She/He might just be bad to you but can make up whole lots of good relationships with other people.

Opinion Poll – What would you like to read?

Just wanna try out this blog function button and to see what you would like me to write about in my blog :). So if you’re reading my blog, please please give your opinion vote. Much appreciated :). And also, every vote cast is anonymous.


Tag No. 3

Where were you at 9 o’clock this morning?

At the volunteer breakfast at Bankstown Sports Club with a friend and our principal.

When was the last time you saw your best friend?

Online: sometime this week. Real life: around 2 years ago?

Do you tend to update your Facebook status a lot?

Used to update a lot. But not anymore these days, only occasionally. I think I spend more time blogging now :).

Is there someone you feel you can talk to about absolutely anything?


What subject were you best at in school?

Science and English? Maybe Japanese as well.

The last conversation you had with the opposite sex, what was it about?

Tony – my brother in law – about the chocolate brownies that I just made, haha. =D

When was the last time you charged your phone?

Mmmmm, yesterday? Like sometimes I just plug it into the computer for file transfer and it can be charged that way.

Do you have anyone on your Facebook friends list that you’ve never even talked to?

Yes. Some. Some others I used to talk to but we all fell apart since long long ago.

List 5 things you’re afraid of:

  • Losing the people who mean the most to me.
  • Dentist
  • Exams stress
  • Trust someone then fall because of them?
  • Lose myself to laziness

Have you forgotten anything important recently?

I don’t think so.

Would you say you’re an honest person?

Yes. I’ve been thinking ’bout that lately ’cause I was saying how a friend lied; maybe I do sometimes, too. Honestly, we all do. But I’m just not good at it, like usually I would choose to keep silent ’cause I can’t say what I really think and I know that person wouldn’t want me to lie either. I think I’ve been a pretty honest kid all the way though, just that I realised being honest all the time might not be a smart way to deal with tihs in life.

The last Facebook message you received from the opposite sex, what did it say?

“bye” – from  guy friend.

What does the nicest message in your Facebook inbox say?

I can’t tell, it’s actually everything that is from my close good friends.

Is your best friend single?


What colour was the ink of the last pen you wrote with?


What does your pencil-case look like?

Blue, pretty big, with a handle. It has Seafood Noodle nutrient table on it, -.-‘ I got it from my sister, have no idea where she got such pencil-case.

Where was the last place you went that was totally new to you, as in, it was the first time you’d been there?

The Bankstown Sports Club, this morning. It’s pretty cool inside.

When was the last time you used someone else’s computer?

My brother’s laptop, this morning at 5:30am to update my blog :D.

Who do you dislike the most? Explain what you dislike about that person.

I don’t know. Like not to the most dislike level; they just come, piss me off then go, so I just keep it to myself, and not for long. Not that I’m a so nice girl, my head just has no space for things like that, if I don’t try to remember something, I will surely forget it easily.

Tell me 5 random facts about your sibling(s). (Or your best friend, if you’re an only child)

  • She’s 24.
  • She’s working for Benefits at Myer.
  • She’s pretty, according to what my friends said and I do think she is, but most of the time I just don’t admit it. 😛
  • Nicest sister in the world :).
  • She’s got a cool husband and I get along very well with him. X]

What’s the longest you’ve liked someone without doing anything about it?

Like one year? I’m not sure but things come and go. Maybe like what my girl friend said this morning, I’ve liked someone a lot and now even I’ve moved on, others who come along become “rebounds”.

Do you use straightening irons on your hair? What brand?

What’s that?

What’s the relationship status of the last person you talked to?

Brother in law, taken. ;]

Is there anything you would like to complain about?

Used to complain a lot but I find it hard now cause I’m just too tired.

What’s the first line of the last song you listened to?

“I will not make, the same mistakes that you did.”

Someone cooks for you, but you don’t like the food at all. What do you do?

It totally depends on the situation. Who is that someone? If that’s the chef at a restaurant that I paid ten bucks to eat then definitely unhappy. I would bear the food and keep eating ’cause that was MY bad choice. But if it was not eatable, Ima complain.

On the other hand, if the food was made out of love by my loved ones I would swallow the whole dish, haha!

Think of the person from your past that hurt you the most. Is there anything you would like to say to that person?

You hurt me but it wasn’t just hurt, you did make me happy at times and I really appreciate it. I don’t know how or what really led us to stop talking. You just gradually cut me off. But for some reason I wasn’t and am not mad, I wished that I could understand you more, well, I clearly couldn’t at that time. I learned a lot from everything between us and if it’s ever possible, I just hope that we can be friends again.

I think we’re done now, so is there anything else you would like to say to finish off?

The questions were fun :). Will definitely do some more of this sooner or later.



Update No. 9 – 5am feels different


Just a quick update since I’ve still got time. Woke up at 5am today in advance for the breakfast thing with our principal. It’s freezing cold now and my sore throat got worse. -.-‘ Isn’t that annoying how it hurts on one side of your throat and you don’t dare to swallow?

It’s pretty early but for some reason I don’t feel as tired or sleepy like how I used to be on normal school days. Good thing that I’m not the only one who’s up at this time, my brother in law has work early so he always wakes up at ’round this time and my brother’s girlfriend stayed overnight for her Business Report :D.

I was really excited for today but now everything seems so meaningless and such a bother, with all the coming early and rain outside. Then have to go to Athletic Carnival right after and what the hell am I going to do there? It’s gonna pour and suppose not a lot of people are going to run. I don’t feel like going anywhere now. It’s gonna be still really dark when I leave home~ =/ Man, now I’m scared of getting kidnapped by some random sick man (_ _”), Ima just try to run as fast as possible haha!

Really, does honour always go parallel with inconvenience?

Hope that I will be able to make it home today, alive.


Winter cold – ECowNomics – Fate?

It was and is still raining now… It was so cold when I was leaving the library. -.-‘ This morning waking up realising I have a sore throat, still pretty bad now. It’s nothing, but just annoying =”=! Hope that it won’t get worse, cause have already started to sneeze quite a bit. And I forgot to fill my water bottle in the morning, also lost one of my bee earrings (don’t even know when or where). -.-‘ LOL this makes my life sound so miserable :D, but no, absolutely not; just had too many things to take care of these days. Starting to think that maybe I’m really clumpsy.

I wanted to blog yesterday after Taekwondo but couldn’t cause I had a really big meal; Mum cooked yesterday! 😛 Then our family watched this Viet comedy together, it was hella hilarious!! My sister loves that comedian guy so much, so do I, haha. He was an MC then changed to a comedian, but he’s pretty good; I bet this suits him more :D. Yesterday night was fun, we don’t usually have family gathering ’cause everyone of us is busy at different times.

We were talking about my sister’s wedding and me inviting my friends. I’ve invited 3 of my closest friends (2 girls and 1 guy) in Vietnam to my sis’ wedding, hehe. They’re having summer holidays now over there, makes me jealous. But well, for the whole year they’d been studying like animals. -.-‘ And some of them cannot be on holidays now cause they’re in selective classes. If it was here, I think all of us would have held a protest already :D.

Just got my phone credits today so planning to text my Viet guy friend (since he probably won’t be able to go online), he’s going to the army for 5 days, just for experience. That makes me very excited too haha, text him so he can tell me what’s going on.  X] This guy friend, he always makes me so so special. ❤ Can’t believe that we used to hate each other back then in Year 6! =]]

Anyway, Julia, if you’re reading this, I wanna show you something I saw at school today. ;] Didn’t read all of them but some were damn funny so I decided to take photos :P. Not tall enough to reach the top part, =/ sorry for the blur.

E-Cow-Nomics <3.

Chinese Corporation: You have two cows. You have 300 people milking them.
LOL haha! =]] Nazism: You have two cows. They take both and shoot you.
Communism: You have two cows. They take both and give you some milk. 😛

I’ve been wondering a few days ago if fate really does exist. But I think it depends on how we define it. Don’t know if it just happens to me or to everyone, for so many times things that I tended to put away they just kept coming around. Like on Monday, I was listening to some songs and this melody from no where just got into my mind and it turned out to be a very good song that a friend recommended to me before. Then was doing English, on the last page of the book is the introduction to another book and for some freaking reason it has both of our names in it… I don’t know, it’s just crazy. Like wherever you go, you will just end up seeing things that you never thought you would. LOL if like before I would of told him about this and we could have had a good laugh ’bout it already. But it just ain’t like before.

Going to sleep early today (hopefully), cause I have to be at school by 7:12am and that’s like the time I wake up usually.  Tried on the blazer today, there was no mirror to look at but I bet I looked gay ’cause it seemed pretty long.

Another song that I wanna share :). Sung by the handsome man, Ronan Keating. ;] I used to like the “When You Say Nothing At All” version by Alison Krauss but watched this video and started to like this one, hehe. He really got an unique and attractive voice. ❤ Good old classic stuff.

Heard that it’s been 15°C and below today. Remember to keep yourself warm :).


P/s: I feel like I’m getting boring these days (_ _”), wonder if I would continue to write if there was no one to read, haha.

Quote of the Day: “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice, at the end of the day saying: ‘I will try again tomorrow.’ ” – Mary Anne Radmacker-Huskey.

P/s 2: Not going to the seminar this Sunday anymore cause they changed it to Rockdale instead of Burwood so no one could take us there. And it would cost a lot of time, I still have a crapload to do.

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