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When you just have to freaking stand on your own feet and walk.

Lại một ngày mệt v~…がんばっています。

The Victoria’s Secret blueberry and lilac fragrance mist smells so nice man I wish the scent could last longer. Everytime I put it on it fades away after like 15 minutes… (_ _”)

Wednesday 20/02/13

Still haven’t finished my homework lol. Need to play with Maths and do my assignment draft for English.

Training was so so intense today OMG, we were all (even the seniors) panting hard. It was non stop skipping and jumping and kicking. Then did patterns, sweat a lot too because I really tried to put power into it. Might be able to join the pro group to train with those seniors so gotta train hard! Oh, and smart… Signed up for this peer tutor program at school, which is like a students teaching other students. I might be teaching Maths and Science and hopefully Japanese if there is anyone wanting help. My Maths wasn’t that bad in Years 7-8 so yeah heehee XD Teaching is learning too so why not? Since I want to spend my lunchtime productively, lately there hasn’t been much that would make me run around school during break like before so just sitting and relaxing these days. Just that now I don’t get to go for breaks on time as would have to stayback in class to work after the bell, sometimes even the whole break; especially Maths, there literally hasn’t been a single lesson where we got to step out of the classroom door on time.

But anyway, I put my name down as a student too to get help with Maths and the Science subjects. I will see when the roster comes out… All my lunchtimes will probably be filled up.

Even now I already barely have time for myself, don’t know how getting a job and tutor can all fit in but doesn’t hurt giving it a try.

Oh just thought of the Chemistry jokes that our teacher showed us last lesson, and this cool elements app on tablet. I love the smart kinda jokes not the super silly ones. Just awesome :D.

Thinking I might of sounded so busy up there ^, but no. I am not trying to make myself super busy and be a workaholic but I want to train myself to balance and manage situations and see how much I can take. I don’t wanna get freaked out when I actually enter the world outside, I know it is way worse. But way more exciting :).

Realised I forgot to mention house chores but I haven’t been doing much actually. Apart from sleeping time I’m spending more time outside and I think if you do the actual calculations… I probably don’t stay in the living room for more than an hour a day. It feels like 10 years ago since I last sat my butt down on the sofa and watch TV/movies.


P!nk – Just Give Me A Reason (Official Lyric Video)

Such a beautiful song…~

Hôm nay mệt v~ :((

たくさんすう学のしゅくだいがあります。おもしろいだけれど、とても難しいです!(TдT) じゅくに行きたいですが、まだちょっとわからない。。。

Surprisingly there were only a few people at the cinema yesterday. Had so much fun though HAHAHA
I wouldn’t say Safe Haven was extremely good or so appealing but it waa fairly good. Good plot and suspense development. Josh Duhamel took my breath away half of the time or so <3. New Year’s Eve is still the best out of all these festive movies, it got Duhamel and Ashton Kutcher in it :’).

Was watching 2 episodes of GaoRangers yesterday and I swear it is the gay-est thing ever XD! I loved it so much as a kid though, and had Mum to buy me those Gao toy robots haha 😀 So much influenced by my big brother but at least I DID play barbies.

Vday was exceptionally good this year :]. I have so many plans ahead and will try my best to make it all work out.

Safe Haven after school tomorrow! Josh Duhamel lol~ 😀

P/s: Missing Gao Rangers so gonna watch it this weekend haha! XD

Tuesday 12/02/13

Guys from my brother school (same grade) have been conquering our local library and it surprised me to see how many actually turned up to study genuinely. So, because we are wearing senior thing now so they get their butt on a library chair and manage to “BE senior”. Of course I am not implying all of them, some I witnessed studying his arse off the whole afternoon. However that is like a very small fraction out of all. I just hope that those boys and girls can find some better place to fulfill their purposes, at least not in a library corner. It is very awkward for anyone who walks by, not just me – who is no stranger. By the way I just found out the needle size for giving blood: a 16 gauge. So it is around the size of a sewing needle, yet Mum made it sound like a giant nail =]].

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