"Tomorrow becomes yesterday too quickly."

Photos lag – PreHSC

Won’t have the time to write much so just gonna post some photos 🙂




Graduation photos. There are other photos but I look so terrible in them so yeah haha.


The rose was pretty nice too 🙂 But I didn’t like the brown wrap so took it off in the end.



Junior Day! I looked way too silly in this hairstyle but this was the last time 😀


Received Medal of Distinction for coming first in ESL in mid-year :]. I wish they could give this out for final as well but 😐 pretty nice as a token of some (hard) work ._.



Send a mail request to Schalke and received these autograph cards :]. The first one took exactly 3 weeks but the second was just a little over 2 weeks, which is quite fast cause apparently other clubs take like months to respond :O.
Watched the derby game between Schalke and Dortmund a few days ago til very late at night and ended up seeing Kagawa in my dream lol. That was such a weird dream, he was speaking English, too.


Receipt for Asian Cup 2015. Will go to collect the tickets once they come out. They said September, then October, and when I emailed them a few days ago they said November. Well I hope I can get them after my HSC or otherwise after I come back from holidays.


Going to miss this girl. She’s going exchange in Austria next year. So excited for her though :]. Will definitely keep in touch, can’t wait to hear her talk about Europe haha! XD

Never really thought I was gonna miss this school but I guess that feeling is inevitable, 6 years there. I guess even though there were not-very-nice experiences that we all had, we will still miss the good ones. Even the way to school every morning, and the talks about new teachers lol.


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