"Tomorrow becomes yesterday too quickly."


Nothing really related to HSC but lol

Very late at night now but feel like making a quick post. This Saturday is my first official HSC speaking exam 🙂
Anywayssss, the players have apparently returned to Japan, I think yesterday. I was actually surprised cause thought they would be spending like at least 2 weeks before the game to train but there are like only 4-5 days left. But I guess it ain’t that important cause it’s just a friendly match.

They will be hosting a few friendly matches from now til the end of the year. The new coach was saying how this is like a test, the ones who pass will advance onto the Asian Cup. Man I wonder if he will call up more players for other matches in the future cause oh god he is leaving Uchida out 😦 and Kagawa. They are both recovering from injuries though.

The squad is like full of new and young players. Ain’t a bad thing I suppose, just glad that he still keeps Honda, Hasebe, Okazaki etc lol how can he leave out the key key players of the team 🙂

Oh and Kakitani was picked too, may have been because of his first goal at Basel. There is something about these guys with blond-bleached hair 😀
I don’t even know why I don’t really mind anymore if Uchida comes or not, cause I’m looking forward to seeing the other players just as much.

Kagawa ended up back in Dortmund, good for him. Hope to see him more :].

I really hope that the new coach can help them ><

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