"Tomorrow becomes yesterday too quickly."


Realised I was meant to talk about my plans in the previous post but it ended up too long so I forgot. But it’s good to write a new post now cause I already pretty much have the dates fixed.

Finish my last HSC exam which is 3U Maths on the 28th and 11 days later will start my 2-week trip to Japan with brothers and sister. Then will fly back to Vietnam and stay for 2 weeks. Will be back in Sydney by the 2nd week of December. Then will probably start Christmas decorating and all that.
In January will be going to watch the AFC Asian Cup cause Australia is hosting and it doesn’t happen very often. Also very looking forward to seeing the Japan team with my favourite player Atsuto Uchida (well even if he doesn’t come there are still Hasebe, Honda and the list goes on..not really :D).

Gonna mail to Germany to request for Ucchi signed autograph card soon hehe XD

My saving was just enough to pay off the air fare and will be on superb saving mode from now til the trip. I’m aiming for another 500$-600$ or so for the 14-day JR Pass.

Anyway, trials are coming very close, I haven’t done a thing but glad that I’ve found my motivation xD

Running out of batts! Nighty night!


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