"Tomorrow becomes yesterday too quickly."

Cried an onion for my bolognese spaghetti just then lol 🙂 Turned out pretty nice but guess what? Will be even better next time 😉

I’m sorry been lack of posts lately and I don’t even remember when was the last time I blogged but since got nothing to do this Friday night. Probably just waiting for the spaghetti to cool down then wrap it and go to bed.

Went fishing with my awesome siblings this afternoon/evening and it rained as soon as we got there. Quite soaked but all dried afterward cause of heaps of winds. I’m not sure about fishing and that thing but this is actually a really good spot to relax and you know..just have your time off. Mostly cool and quiet.

School’s been dodgy but I am trying to stay optimistic cause really, nothing can kill me now >;]. Busy with work and activities so no human issues which made me realise how school can concern me just as much as humans. 2-3 more weeks of school and holidays then mid yearlies. Not sure what I will be doing for the coming Easter long weekends but sensing it won’t be very exciting. If going anywhere will probably be with siblings, I enjoy spending time with them a lot lately cause these awesome people they mean the damn world to me Mum is coming back in less than a week 😀 I will keep these 3 unforgetable weeks in my heart T_T Salute comrades!


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