"Tomorrow becomes yesterday too quickly."

Been doing stuff so didn’t blog much. Was at the State Vgen High School/Uni Training the Sunday before to learn more about World Vision’s campaign and how to run a Vgen group at school. I am not specifically running a Vgen group but wanna do something about it with our Interact group at school (since the Year 11s are taking over the group this year and I’m the vice). The training was amazing and fun and gained heaps of new experiences even though things did go wrong a bit at the last minute. Gonna invite someone from the Vgen group to come to our school and talk about it with everyone, then we can possibly do some event that raises awareness and educates students of poverty and such. Excited but I’m quite overwhelmed with the loads, realised this year we don’t have a lot of assignments, mostly in class assessmemts. Which means a lot of studies are needed for the long term run.

Walked from Martin Place to my sis’ workplace after the training (cause we finished early, and it wasn’t exhausting like the one I last attended). My sis worked on my brows and had them waxed cause I was just like “to hell with it” since there was nothing else to do and I had a sorta migraine. Honestly, it hurt so much -.- But guess what? I’m a woman now hurhurhur ;].


P/s: School’s been pretty good except for Maths…

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