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Stuff No One Told Me – No. 6

Thinking too much about a problem won’t make it necessarily easier to solve.

HAHAHA this ↑ looks like me a few weeks ago HAHAHAA!! XD It’s hella true in many situations, even when doing questions in the test, teachers tend to trick you into thinking too much and making the questions look more complex than they actually are. Then of course, you waste your time, getting it wrong.

By saying that I don’t mean you stop yourself from thinking, thinking is an exercise to train your brain. But think about a solution, not the problem! For a long period of time, all in my head was “problem this, problem that”, and I actually created troubles for myself. It was just all stupid and useless.

We often find ourselves asking the “what if” questions. There is no what ifs. You weren’t born to predict what will happen tomorrow, you were born to live for today. Don’t expect your life to be perfect, or I should say, a problem-free life isn’t as perfect as you think it may be. God does you a favour, he will make your life full of surprises.:)


Weekends Overall [10.06.12] – Exams block


I haven’t blogged for like 5 days already.. -.-‘ Sorry. Was too busy with craploads during school days and became so lazy afterward. Also, received our exams timetable.

Monday 18/06/12: Commerce and English.

Tuesday: Science.

Wednesday: Japanese.

Thursday: Information Software Technology.

*For Maths and Civics we had separate Assessment Tasks.

We have 5 days for exam period so I’m not gonna have a day off T_T, damn IST! I’ve decided to focus on Science and Japanese the most cause been doing really bad in both. Got my Science Practical Test results back last week and got only 75% :(. For Japanese I’d been going really lightly since Year 8-9 and now it’s starting to get really hard; so don’t wanna be lost in Year 11 (I’m planning to choose Jap for next year). I think the worse thing is not that I’m not doing good in these subjects, but that I ever lose my interest in them. It’s easy for me to study for tests but still have 2 assignments to take care off, so annoying. >.<

This week was alright I think, a lot of changes though. But I’ve been doing pretty good in dealing with situations and taking everything (apart from studies) super lightly! 😛 Very proud of myself for that haha! Now I can simply have fun and make myself happy by not thinking too much. And realised life is much easier, with no hesitation, no reading too much into things. Was talking to my friend about a lot of stuff which usually would make me do posts about but think will have to leave to later after the exams :).

And one more thing, this week I’ve started talking to a friend again, whom I TRIED cutting off and thought I would never communicate again; well~ at least not in a short period of time. I think I was just acting too tough when in fact I was soft enough to offer him a chance to talk. LOL I don’t know cause didn’t even think about it (as I said, living really lightly now), it just came. Or maybe it was because I was strong enough to let go of everything, and doing what I feel like doing, despite the “might-happened” consequences.

I watched a girl friend of mine going through her problems lately; seeing how fast time flies, I feel like it’s much easier if I can be like her. If someone doesn’t make an effort to stay in your life, you better off just let them go and move on. Simple as that. Put your expectations low and you won’t end up with disappointments. You don’t put in everything you got, even if you lose it, won’t be the end of the world. X]

HAHA it’s actually the first time that I truly feel like nothing really matters. I’ve got a perfect life by my own now, with family, good friends, I do Taekwondo, go to school, have things that I wanna achieve and try my best for. So feeling really happy now :D! I should have never felt sorry about the whole Smartie thing, I’m glad that he left me more than just a memory. It ended so what? At least it happened.

One of the old songs sung by an Australian boy band that I really like. Damn meaningful lyrics.

The Day Before – North

Ima just take whatever may come, BRING IT ON!


Quote of the Day: “How many 10 years does one have in his life? The most important thing is live life to its fullest.” -> Really like this quote,  – from one of my favourite TVB dramas – Rosy Business.

Update No. 15 – Exams week – Overseas views


At the train station waiting for the train now :). It’s coming in 10 minutes. Decided to go home early today cause have to bake muffins for my Science Project (still haven’t got enough trials). Mum had a day off so good food again hehe. XP

Got IST and Science exams notifications today, I think we will get one for Japanese tomorrow. And Commerce. Week 9 is our exam week, not sure if they’re going to make it official like other schools, where exams fill up the whole week and you can go home whenever you don’t have exam. Our Maths Common Task this time is stupid, it’s not just a test but also an assignment. And we have to use Moodle and stuff to do some statistics, of length of our arms and belly buttons -.- Damn confusing, most of the teachers are even confused.

Also got my Civics test back, I got alright, just around the average. In fact not that good, compared to others. In this class, I feel like a tiny little grain of sand on the beach. -_-

These days I got surprisingly heaps of blog views from overseas!! I think they searched up some of the topics I wrote about so yeah. US, UK, Ireland, Turkey, Canada, Indonesia, some more but don’t remember :D. LOL but views from Australia are getting less and less~

Oh and I forgot to get the form for school leave today!! (_ _’), will get it tomorrow then. Have so many little things like that to get done, and I tend to put them aside so have to catch up soon.

So sleepy ar~~~ =/ Feels like I’m losing myself these days, I just do whatever I feel like doing.


P/s: It was really cold and windy today, and sprinkling. So remember keep yourself warm :).

Update No. 14 – 3 weeks left to holidays!! XD

Ello! =]

It’s Week 7 of school already!! OMG time really flies… I still remember us at the airport waiting for check-in to the New Zealand Training Camp, still remember the two weeks of last holidays, where the funs were. I’m excited yet scared of assessments/exams. Mum kept reminding me to go and get the forms cause Ima be away for 2-3 weeks next term. Don’t know if I’d already mentioned it before but I’m going back to Vietnam this holidays! 😛 Hehe, heaps more excited cause it’s for my sister wedding, family and friends reunions. Will also celebrate my brother’s and best friend’s birthdays, both are in July haha.

I’m thinking ’bout taking care of all the problems here in Australia first before I go cause then wanna leave everything behind, not gonna carry it on the plane with me like what I did with the New Zealand trip (still had so much fun though). Only half a year but I’ve decided, after this holiday is a whole new start. 🙂 Me being away for 5 weeks, enough to move my little self on.

LOL thinking about this boosts me up a lot. Oh, and also have to go get vaccinations, 2 I guess; to prevent getting sick when we go back. I’m okay with injection now, hehe. XP

School was alright today, didn’t bring my PE uniform cause it was still all wet this morning, cause of the continuous rain on the weekends. My damn shoulder started hurting again today. =”= This girl in English was really nice to massage for me, an actual massage; and she was real good. I got much better but now it’s burning again. Sigh…

Going to training soon, gotta do some Maths now. Talk soon :).


Stuff No One Told Me – No. 5

I just wanna do a pre-post cause not sure if I will be able to go on the computer tomorrow as my Science Project is due very soon.

Over analyzing will lead you to the wrong conclusions.

The illustration is a bit over with the language, lol. But it’s funny :D. The saying is really true for me, as I always read too much into things. It feels uncontrollable actually (_ _”).

LOL but tell you who’s the worse.The one who makes you draw wrong conclusions. Even though sometimes you don’t mean to read too much into something but that person just keeps acting and making you think . Really, knowing it well even if it makes you feel bad but much better than believing in an invisible lie. Expecting so much and at the end realise that you weren’t anything to them.

Those are selfish. But I think I am too. All of us are, because it’s our nature to want someone to like us even if we don’t feel that way towards them. That’s why I always wanna keep my expectations with people really really low, so there’s no disappointmen



Stuff No One Told Me – No.4

People who try harder to look tough, usually are the ones that need more affection.

LOL I personally like this one a lot cause of the illustration. X]

I don’t think no one was born tough or heartless; if you know someone like that, chances are they’ve been through something. They act tough to not to get hurt, making you think that they’re so strong but really, they may be just one step from breaking down.



Weekends Overall [03.06.12] – Grading, big screw up


If you have been reading my previous posts, you would have known, today I had my Taekwondo Grading, to blue tip. Epic fail, since I woke up til the end of the grading, nothing went right. No joke.

Started off with couldn’t make it on time as planned with my girl friend, 10min late. LOL, it was no big deal really, compared to me realising that I forgot my belt at home right after I saw my friend with hers. By the way, I joked up there; something did go right. Lucky that my friend’s house is very close to dojang so we were fully rushing to her place to get her brother’s belt, HAHA. He does Taekwondo as well but has higher belt than us now and he didn’t grade this time so he saved me a huge time today.

But man, his belt has different length than ours and it looked so awkward when I tried it on. My girl friend was laughing at how weird and funny it looked. -.- Could only make it either too short or too long. I left it long, really long, because I looked even more like an idiot with only 10cm from the waist. That wasn’t the worse part, haha. We screwed up the grading. Me and my girl friend.

We both had our period (it was much better for me compared to her though), and we had to keep checking on each other. It was grading so no running away. If you’re not female, you don’t know how annoying it is to do sports with p; worse if it’s Taekwondo cause we have to do side splits, kicks, all in our white uniform.

Anyway, I screwed up the patterns cause was so nervous, so was my friend. She did good with patterns but stuffed up the technical terms cause we thought our grading was pretty much wrapped up, only sparring left. And in sparring, it was such a pain, now no joke, pain. We both bashed up by this really good red-tip girl. I got punched in the face for so many times and guess what? Both she and my dearest girl friend kicked me in the groin (_ _”). Really gotta do more practice. Like, I can never use all of my power to fight with friends, even with the ones I hate, if I don’t really really hate them; I wouldn’t wanna beat the hell outa them.

Good thing is we passed. I wonder what the results will be, think we JUST passed. It was actually really embarrasing in front of those black belts (they always sit in the front to watch us).. Especially those at around my age. I’m always scared that they would judge me, and don’t wanna be friends.

I and my friend agreed on trying really hard to be able to grade in December :). Gotta get rid of those floppy belts!

My Science Project is due this Thursday and I’m still at no where. I was so worried that I even dreamed of it last night. -_- Feeling so lost for some reason~ It’s easy for me to get headache and nausea these days. My rash looks worse so I think Ima go see doctor..some time soon. Really can’t be bothered, cause I’m a no-doctor person. Not sure where to go, my sister said Strathfield, I will check it out when I got time.

Have a good week next week :).

Good night~


Quote of the Day: “No one tests the dept of a river with both feet.”

P/s: Forgot one very funny thing about the grading. At the beginning of our grading, when we were about to line up and my girl friend got so freaked out that she forgot where she put her cell. We were fully looking around and I have no idea why I did this but I suddenly smacked her butt and was like “Check your butt pocket!”… and it was actually there!! 😀 We were fully laughing at how random we were HAHAHA. =))

Stuff No One Told Me – No. 3

You can’t get rid of your fears… But you can learn to live with them.

Don’t really know what to say here :D, just think it’s really true. It’s kind of like one of the stories that I’ve read before, about umm eggs and coffee :P. You can read it here ->

The more you get scared of something, the more it’s gonna take control over you. My sister once, when I was complaining about Maths, told me: “If you hate it, it will hate you back.” So I learned to like it, for a long time. Well sounds impossible but now I’m actually getting along much better with it. X] You don’t have to force yourself to like something, but the worse you think something is, the worse it gets; so why put the burden on yourself?

Things may not go the way you want sometimes but remember it will always get better, I promise :).


Gloves Come Off thoughts – Cage commitment – Heart and Conscience

LOL I don’t know what to call it so just put the word ‘cage’ there. Was just watching this TVB drama called “Gloves Come Off”, up to episode 16 already and things are starting to get complicated. Decided to write a post because I have so much thoughts on this, good films always make me think.

Two aspects I wanna talk about, which are from the two relationships in the drama. The first couple, the girl was mute and deaf, then drama happened and she got involved with the Thai Boxing people (which is the main theme of this drama). And one guy in there developed feelings for her and helped her so much, from finding a job to a place to live. They started dating but I have no idea if the girl actually loved him back; I think she just felt too grateful because there was someone that loved her.

It started off great but as the drama goes on, I realised that the guy was so damn conservative!! The girl fell in love with boxing but he just wouldn’t let her do it, even when he finally let her (because she was so determined), he still didn’t give her full support. He was so over-protective that thought she wouldn’t be able to protect herself cause she had disabilities. Like, he loved her yet thought so less of her, underestimated her abilities and all that. It’s so sad for her cause she didn’t wanna upset him, she always agreed with whatever he said even though it upset her. The guy even set up camera in her house to… ‘protect’ her, he said. That was so dumb and stupid and inconsiderate of him. And he would comment on how late she was staying up for and what she was doing on the laptop. He acted like her father! Ah no, even a father wouldn’t put his daughter in a cage like that.

Really, if you ever try to put your loved one in a cage like this; I’m sure sooner or later that person will just disappear. It’s all about understanding each other. Like, clearly if you have nothing in common, you don’t enjoy doing certain things together then how the hell can you live together for long?! Living together with who that person really is, not how you think they should be. You can’t bear them? Fine. But don’t just go and try to change someone the way you like it. That’s freaking selfish. Probably that’s why most of the people don’t want to fall into commitment, too much responsibility and less freedom.

Okay another couple, the main one. I don’t wanna go too much into background details or this post would be really long. Basically the girl was a CEO and the guy was guard. Again, things happened and they got along very well, as friends. They confided in each other and he helped her out with getting back to her old first love (they split up cause of some misunderstanding). So she and her first love were dating, yet she never felt like the way she did with the guy, and got so concerned over everything that the guy was involved in. I suppose the guy had feelings as well, but he strongly rejected her because he didn’t want a well-off girl like her to end up with a ‘backstreet boy’ like him. I felt so sorry for her. -.- And she was about to get married but still had feelings for him. I don’t know if you consider it bad that she went for both sides.

They two, their heart says one thing and they do another. But sometimes it’s hard to make decisions cause the way you feel is different from what you THINK you should do. I wonder what the guy in there felt like when he was insulting/shouting at her in order to make her go. Think he must have felt really bad to let go of something he loved. You usually just do your best in getting what you love, but it’s even harder to actually try your best to let go of those things. The hard feeling when you half want that person to forget you and move on, but half of you doesn’t. I wish that they end up together at the end though, haha :D.


Update No. 13 – Taekwondo Grading!! :S – An unexpected message

Got my Blue-tip Grading tomorrow, already have goosebumps, >.< cause we have to do sparring this time, and all will be tested on Korean Taekwondo technical terms which I’m really bad at.

Ima meet up with my girl friend Julia early tomorrow to do some more practice in advance to prevent us stuffing up in the grading. Oh, and the theory test.. -.-‘ But I’m not that concerned cause we got quite less for this belt :D.

Hope everything will go well tomorrow, last time I was so nervous that got a bad stomachache. We will both try our best cause really wanna move onto the next grade, been at one stage for too long already; my belt is getting so soft and floppy (_ _”).


P/s: Just received a Facebook message from a friend I haven’t talked for a long long time. She’s my very close friend from IEC (even we weren’t in a same class but got to know each other through the Afternoon Club at school :)). I think it’s been 1-2 years since we last met.

It feels real nice when you know someone still thinks of you after a long time being distant. It’s so nice and cute of her when she said: “Well just wanted to tell you that the reason why I don’t talk with you on Facebook a lot  is because I want to save everything to when we get to meet face to face!” This seriously made my night. ❤ See? The bond.

I really cannot wait to catch up with her; hopefully in October holidays. Feeling really warm in the heart now, hurhur. 😀

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