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Weekends Overall~!! [24.06.12] – Say bye to exams – My new credits :D – Plans plans plans

Ello!!!!!!! XD

Haven’t written any post for a longgggg time!! Like a week already? 😛 Mainly was because of exams but after that I couldn’t manage to get on the computer so yeah~

Time flies…like a chicken (my friend told me this on Friday in Maths and thought it was very funny HAHA XP), I still remember the nights I stayed up til 12-1am to study for my exams and that was just …I don’t know, felt pretty hopeless I guess. Good thing was that most of my exams were at 12pm so didn’t need to go to school early, woke up at normal school time and studied. :] Did good in Commerce, but I think I screwed up English the next. And Science was easy actually, I just thought ’bout it in the complex ways so ended up realising 2-3 mistakes already? (_ _”) For Japanese, I don’t even wanna think or talk about it…

Anyway, last day for IST exam was unexpectedly relieving~ Went to school library early in the morning to study with my friends there and it was actually more efficient than studying by myself at home, since IST theories could never really get into my head. I freaked out at first cause didn’t quite get all the notes but eventually felt better as the time was closer, just chatted with my guy friend, joked around and had fun haha! 😛 And don’t really care or expect too much in IST so I was relaxed and I think I did not bad? I’m happy as long as I don’t get under 80%. Ah, and at the library my friend found this note in a book she randomly picked up, hella funny HAHAHA!! XD

“To get into the door locked & guarded, thou needs to pick the lock.Thy school records are inside. Thy only problem is thy headmistress. Oh what to do!
A new pay phone is being introduced to the school. COOL! That handsome young teacher is gorgeous! I am asking him to my social. I will do so in detention. I love him like a camel & at the moment am a fat sausage. Why!
My good £3.95 pen does not smudge! Fantastic.
I love sundreads. Lovely!”

Hadn’t have exams period like this since Year 6 so I was actually nervous. -.-‘ And through this time I realised 2 things:

  • Read through the textbooks many times rather than trying to memorise everything (you have to understand it to learn it).
  • It’s not the exams that are tiring, it’s just the period when you die studying for exams. I actually enjoyed the hours sitting in the hall doing the papers; felt like time passing so fast and I gotta seize every second of it.

Sigh, all gone, can’t do anything about it, fact is we always think of something that we could have done instead of what we did, AFTER. I’m not getting the papers back immediately so I can enjoy my holidays to its fullest before coming back here, having a brand new start.

 ↑ Meant to post this last Sunday but didn’t get to finish it so yeah~ -.-‘ I decided to post this draft anyway..

My bro’s girlfriend’s exam notes… -.-‘ During the exam period she either stayed up really late at night or didn’t sleep at all. It was open exams so she could take an A4 paper of notes in, that’s why she tried to write in very very small fonts.. CRAZY~

A cup of hot chocolate saved me on the exam days. 😛 Sooooo good~ I recommend Gloria Jean’s. ;] The only thing I ever have marshmallows with.

In love with these sour lemon drops!! XD ❤
Only for $2 from the discount shop in Burwood. ‘]

Quote of the Day: “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” – Victor Hugo


P/s: Oh! And I got my new phone credits for this month HURRAY~!! Gonna use it quickly cause going overseas soon.

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One thought on “Weekends Overall~!! [24.06.12] – Say bye to exams – My new credits :D – Plans plans plans

  1. Wow! Her study notes freaked me out! So much notes cramped up into sheet of paper! LOL (Y) I like your quote of the day! ~ so meaningful! 🙂

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