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Don’t lie to me, yo.

Now this is just to clarify something that I’ve been on lately, lying.
If you know me, you know that I enjoy listening to lies when I totally know the truth. However, I never wanted these lies to come out from the mouth of the one I really trust and for whatever reason.

You may think that I know nothing cause I’ve acted like nothing but guess what? I know and have kept it in my heart. It would be because either I think it’s a tiny little lie in which I have no idea why you lied; OR I want to give you a second chance. If I ever expose you, it is very likely that things can never be the same between us again, I may forgive you, but don’t expect to have me back.

To some people that don’t matter as much to me, lying such things to me is like insulting my intelligence LOL. Yes, it’s hard for me to spot fake niceness; but I’m pretty alright at spotting lies.

Haha I hope that these things I said didn’t make some of you ticklish in the neck, cause if so you know that I’ve taken you into consideration. I’m not a difficult person in general, but may be very harsh on honesty issues.

Don’t throw bullsh*t at me cause you know I can handle it quite well.


Bros over hoes – Chicks over d*cks

Ain’t meant to do this post now but in bed and just suddenly having the mood. So will continue with my draft post soon~ Promised.

Don’t know where such quote came from but it’s become my motto. Only if you’re a very innocent person, you wouldn’t really get it cause every down-to-earth human being would understand this quote, that the first part indicates to guys and the second is to girls.

Really, I will never choose to stick to a friend who puts their relationship over your friendship, that’s tiring. Like, I don’t think they’re even worth my faith and trust. To be honest, many of us can be single and life is still beautiful with friends around; but a person who does not have a best friend is dead pitiful. And most of these people are the ‘hoes over bros – d*cks over chicks’ type.

Don’t even expect to have a good and long-term friendship if you treat your guy/girl nicely but being a b*tch/d*ck to you friends.


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