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Update No. 16 – Old memories – My sister’s wedding


In bed already and it’s 12:40am but just feel like doing an update cause don’t wanna forget what I wanted to say later on. And this week will be really busy for me cause exams are straight next week. =/

Mum and sis are fully talking bout my sis’ wedding beside me now and they’re so loud. -.-‘ My sis got stressed out cause discussing bout it with my Dad, he’s quite conservative, have to say… We know so many relatives and friends, listed round 800 people!! @@, trying to cut down. And all the booking stuff are so messy she said. They gave me a headache too…

Anyway, had a really good public holiday. 😀 Spent like a lot of time talking to this guy friend cause he seemed bored. We exchanged our childhood photos and had so much fun laughing at one another haha! But that made me miss my beautiful childhood so much… Realised a lot of people around me and loved me. And how much I’ve changed over the past years. -_- Not as cute as before. Have to say that my baby photos are heck cute hehe :P. I think all babies are cute.

Also, spent the whole night talking bout our names and nicknames. It was so damn hard to find out what my name was in Chinese.. -.-‘ And it turned out so weird, he said. He tried pronouncing my Viet name but I bet he failed hard, cause my name is freaking hard to say. The consonants require quite a special accent of ours haha! XP Then I gave him this nickname which I’m really fond of and found out that it actually had meanings! I was like ‘OMFG o.O’ :P. The meanings are really funny by the way BUHAHAHAHA!! =))

Suddenly don’t feel sleepy~ Maybe because my Mum and sis talking so loudly, pouring out all of their frustration.. Now ya know what women’s frustration’s like. =_= Can’t wait for my holidays to come, to get out of this hell~

Have a good week!

Good night~


P/s: Wonder if I should still blog while on holidays :D. I will try to; but just wanna have fun mostly and not going on Internet a lot. Don’t want anything from here to ruin my holiday mood – like what I and my Taekwondo girl friend did when we went to NZ camp. X]

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